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Dec 3 – St Francis Xavier (1506-52) Jesuit missionary

St Francis Xavier was one of a group of seven companions of Ignatius of Loyola who became the first Jesuit priests.


Dec 2 – Bl John of Rysbroeck (1293-1381) Belgian mystic

Summary: Bl John of Rysbroeck of Belgium was a 14th century contemplative and mystical writer, a contemporary of Julian of Norwich, Meister Eckhart and Richard Rolle.

Patrick Duffy writes what is known about him.

With his Uncle at St Gudula’s, Brussels


Dec 1 – St Edmund Campion (1540-81) Jesuit priest, Martyr and martyr

Edmund Campion was the first Jesuit priest to be executed in England under the Statutes of the Elizabethan Act of Supremacy in 1581.


Nov 30 – St Andrew (1st century) apostle (1)

Andrew, a Galilean fisherman from Bethsaida, was the first disciple to be called by Jesus. He is said to have preached the gospel in Greece.


Nov 29 – St Brendan of Birr (d. 573) abbot

St Adamnan tells a story of Brendan's support of St Columba when "he had been excommunicated for some pardonable and very trifling reasons, and indeed unjustly". Brendan, quickly arose , bowed down and kissed him.


Nov 28 – St Catherine Labouré (1806-76) Daughter of Charity, visionary

For forty-five years from the time of her visions in 1831 until her death in 1876, Cathrine led an outwardly uneventful life as a Daughter of Charity in Paris.


Nov 27 – St Feargal of Salzburg (700-784) monk, missionary, bishop

Born in Ireland, Feargal of Virgil (Latin "Virgilius") is said to have been a descendant of Niall of the Nine Hostages.


Nov 27 – St Cuthbert Mayne (1543–77) priest, martyr

Summary: St Cuthbert Mayne is one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales canonised by Pope Paul VI on 25th Oct. 1970. He converted from Protestantism to Catholicism, became a priest and and was martyred for his faith. 

Patrick Duffy relates his story.


Nov 26 – St Leonard of Porto Maurizio (1676-1751) Franciscan

As a means of keeping alive the religious fervor awakened during his many mission, Leonard promoted the Stations of the Cross as a reminder of the cost of God's forgiveness.


Nov 25 – St Clement of Rome (1st century AD) 4th pope

Summary: St Clement I, Pope, Martyr. Clement died in New Testament times, at the end of the first century. His name is included in Eucharistic Prayer I (The Roman Canon). Noted for a letter written from the Church at Rome to the Church at Corinth, an important witness [...]


Nov 25 – St Colman of Cloyne (522-604) patron of Cloyne diocese

Summary: St Colman, Bishop Colman mac Lenine was born around 530, probably in West Cork. A bard by profession, he is reputed to have been influenced by St Brendan to become a priest. The main field of his apostolate was east Cork, where his chief foundation was in Cloyne. [...]


Nov 25 – St Catherine of Alexandria (282-305) virgin and martyr

The Emperor had Cathrine tortured on a spiked wheel,when fell to pieces and she remained unhurt, some spectators were killed by flying splinters..


Nov 24 – Ss Andrew Dung-Lac and Companions-Vietnam

Andrew Dung-Lac (1795-1839) was an indigenous Vietnamese priest who along with a brother priest was tortured and beheaded under the emperor Ming-Mang in 1839.


Nov 23 – St Columban (1) 543-615 abbot and missionary

Already a monk at Bangor Columban set out from Ireland with twelve companions as a wandering pilgrim for Christ.


Nov 23 – Saint Columban (2) the European

Summary: St Columban, missionary

Eugene Ryan writes about St Columban (543-615) and his contribution to Europe.

Robert Schumann, founder of the EU, said of Columban that he [...]


Nov 22 – St Cecilia (3rd century) virgin and martyr patron of music

Cecilia was beheaded, but this was bungled, and she lingered on for three days. She was buried in the catacomb of San Callisto.


Nov 21 – Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

This feast It highlights the holiness of Mary from the beginning of her life on earth that continued through her early childhood and beyond.


Nov 20 – St Edmund martyr, king, (841-870)

Hinguar, the Viking, began to shoot arrows at him until his body looked like that of a hedgehog and then r commanded his head to be cut off.


Nov 19 – St Hugh of Lincoln (1140-1200) Carthusian and bishop

Hugh's concern for justice extended beyond his dealings with kings - to the defence of Jewish communities during an outbreak of anti-Semitism during the Third Crusade.


Nov 18 – Dedication of the Basilicas of Ss Peter and Paul

This feast helps us move beyond our narrow geographical confines to a sense of the universal Church, it's origins and missionary calling


Nov 18 – St Odo of Cluny (878-942) abbot

Summary: Saint Odo was the second abbot of Cluny. He enacted various reforms in the Cluniac monastery system of France and Italy.

Devoted to St Martin [...]


Nov 17 – St Elizabeth of Hungary (1207-1231) queen. Franciscan

Elizabeth was widowed at twenty. Both before and after her husband's death she dedicated herself to solidarity with and care of the sick and the poor


Nov 16 – St Margaret of Scotland (1045-93) queen

Margaret proved a civilising influence at the somewhat rough Scottish court


Nov 16 – St Gertrude the Great (1256-1302) German mystic and writer

Summary : St Gertrude, Virgin. Born about 1256; died at Helfta (Germany) about 1302. Entrusted from five years of age to Benedictine or possibly Cistercian nuns, among whom she experienced a deep conversion at the age of twenty-five and lived a life of mystical contemplation. Found Christ in [...]


Nov 15 – St Albert the Great (1206-80) Dominican friar, theologian and bishop

In 1278, aged 61, Albert's memory failed him in symptoms that resemble Alzheimer's disease. Sufferers from the disease have begun to look on him as their patron.


Nov 14 – St Laurence O’Toole (1128-80): a spiritual leader for difficult times

Summary :St Laurence O’Toole, Monk was born in Leinster in 1123. studied at Glendalough, became abbot there in 1148, and in 1162 was chosen as the first native Archbishop of Dublin. He followed the reforming methods of Ceallach and Malachy, introducing the Canons Regular to Dublin and following [...]


Nov 13 – St Stanislaus Kostka (1550-68) Jesuit novice

Stanislaus at 17 years of age decided to become a Jesuit, but the Austrian provincial would not receive him.


Nov 12 – St Josaphat of Polotsk (1580-1623) bishop and martyr

Josaphat ecumenical endeavour brought him into severe conflict and ended in his brutal murder


Nov 11 – St Martin of Tours (1) 316-397: patron of France

Martin by his request, he was buried in the Cemetery of the Poor on 11th November. He .is the first non-martyr to be honoured as a saint and he is regarded as the patron saint of France.


Nov 11 – St Martin of Tours (2) and Clovis-Founders of the Church in France: :

Summary: Martin of Tours Like St Ambrose of Milan, Martin was an army man who picked up the Christian ethos that had crept into the army through Constantine. Clovis, a century later, became a Christian through his wife Clothilde. Through them the story of France and [...]

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