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New Milestones

A Healthy Retirement

Tess Martin provides useful information on diet, exercise, lifestyle, medical care and social life so you can enjoy a healthy retirement.

Growing older doesn’t have to mean becoming ill. Most people over the age of sixty are well and fit. Keeping well in retirement involves taking care of your physical, emotional [...]


Pursuing Your Dream

Jeanette Brimner sees entering one’s middle years as a golden opportunity to start fulfilling some of the dreams which we entertained when we were younger.

In the Book of Genesis, Abraham’s elderly wife, Sarah, is astonished to learn that her dream of bearing a son will come true, despite her age. [...]


– Treasure the Senses

Paul Andrews tells us about the challenges he is facing as he grows older and finds himself a little hard of hearing.


Was that the front door bell? my friend asked. I was baffled. I hadn’t heard a thing. It was a first indication that my hearing was below par, and [...]

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