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4th March, 2021

Can I have another hug?

‘Can I have another hug?’

(This was written in the Pre Clovid 19 Era!)

Can I have another hug?’ This was what Bridie said to me with a big smile on her face as we stood outside our parish church on a cold evening in March. Bridie and I, both members of the L’Arche community, had been asked to lead an evening of prayer around the Cross as part of the parish’s Lenten programme. Our members with a learning disability were central to the evening’s prayer.

Bridie-a lady in her 50s who has spent most of her life in an institution-is not always anxious to participate in group activities. However on this evening she was fully with us and played her part to perfection. And so after it was all over I went to her and with a big hug, told her how wonderful she had been. She accepted my hug with a smile and then right across the group, who had gathered to review the evening, she said ‘Can I have another hug ?’

…As I did so the words of Jesus echoed in my ears, ‘Do you love me ?
We are told that not once but three times he asked Peter, ‘Do you love me ?

Kathy Foulds


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