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Prayer Cards for Youth (aged 8-12)

25 May, 2016


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I am with you always – Prayer Cards for Youth (aged 8-12)

A beautiful unique and inspiring collection of 52 scripture Prayer Cards with reflections and simple rituals.

Each of the cards contains a simple scripture quote with a brief reflection and personal ritual which concludes with an affirmation. An index of suitable hymns, mantras and songs to accompany the Prayer Card is also included. All you need for a simple meaningful prayer time.

The prayer cards are to help children become immersed in the wisdom, beauty and tenderness of God’s Word.

Ideal for communal prayer, meditation and reflection or for personal devotions, these cards can be used in a classroom setting or for individual prayer and reflection, as well as creating time out for individual children who may need special care and attention.

Includes 52 Prayer Cards.


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