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Cora Sherlock

Is today the last day of constitutional protection for the unborn?

“No” campaigners appeal to undecided voters torn over hard cases to demand laws reflecting their views and reject abortion on request.


Don’t be silenced by Google Ad ban say No campaigners

Ad ban will affect No side 100% more than Repeal side as mainstream media “dominated by Yes side talking points,” says Iona.


Rally for Life goes nationwide in Easter Week

Love Both appeals to people to Stand up for Life at rallies in the coming week in Donegal, Athlone, Galway, Limerick and Cork.


Who am I to deny unborn children of future the right to life?

If my viewpoint turns people against me and costs me my seat and the right to be here in this Chamber, I would gladly lose it, says Independent deputy speaking out for unborn.


Cabinet considers 12 week unrestricted abortion proposal

"Some members of the government are determined to keep the time frame tight to deny the public the opportunity to scrutinise referendum proposal" - Pro Life Campaign.


Eighth Amendment saves 5,000+ people each year

When you legalise something you make it normal. And when you make something normal, you get more of it. That’s why abortion rate in other countries is so high: PLC


Oireachtas committee’s vote in favour of abortion is apalling, says Pro Life Campaign

Thankfully, the committee won't have the final say on the Eight Amendment. The electorate will have that responsibility and I am confident they will vote to keep it.


Eighth Amendment is a beacon of hope thirty-four years on

“When you meet a son or daughter who was nearly aborted, you’re not meeting a ‘choice’. You’re meeting a child with the same potential and right to be alive as you or me,” says Cora Sherlock from the Pro Life Campaign.


Gaelic Games commentator is winner in Knock

Love, communication, family and community are key in “living life to the full” says Marty Morrissey.


Pro-life group gets backing of Advertising Standards Authority NI

“The ASA have examined our calculations and backed our figure ... This independent verification is a real endorsement of our campaign.”


Marty Morrissey lined up for Knock Novena

The Knock Novena is one of the greatest spiritual and cultural events in Irish life today, with more than 10,000 pilgrims taking part.


Tributes paid to Des Hanafin

Former senator who was co-founder of Pro Life Campaign acted “out of a deep personal conviction and went to great lengths to make his point without causing offence to others” – Cora Sherlock, PLC.


Positive news for Pro Life Campaign in weekend poll

Only 23 per cent of those surveyed were in favour of abortion ‘on request’, which contrasts starkly with the views of the Citizens’ Assembly.


Pro life agencies question BMJ abortion report

“It is ludicrous to treat research funded by the abortion industry as unbiased. It is like expecting honesty from Big Tobacco on the effects of smoking” – Life Institute.


Citizens’ Assembly draws its conclusions

Members of six month long consultation will vote on recommendations this weekend concerning the Eighth Amendment, protecting right to life of the unborn.


No right to abortion in international law: PLC

Pro Life Campaign criticises Council of Europe report which calls for legalisation of abortion.


Pro Life Campaign ready to address Citizens’ Assembly if asked

Record attendance at Pro Life Campaign national conference hears from Irish-born film producer about Gosnell movie, which lifts the lid on what actually happens during an abortion.


BPAS offers helpline to Irish women using illegal abortion tablets

"Research has shown, time and time again, that abortion drugs endanger women’s lives," warns Precious Life.


Attempt to remove legal protection from ‘very sick babies’ disturbing: PLC

Whip will not be applied to non Fine Gael deputies in upcoming vote on amendment to the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill, allowing abortion in the case of so-called 'fatal foetal abnormalities'.


Dáil to consider proposals for Citizens’ Assembly

Citizens' Assembly on abortion is a pretence says Senator Ronan Mullen. "Oireachtas Éireann should be the only legitimate Citizens' Assembly."


Celebrate 8th Amendment as ‘human rights beacon’

"Eighth Amendment protects the human rights of every human being in this country and we need to stand up and remind ourselves of that" - Cora Sherlock, Pro Life Campaign.   


Abortion shouldn’t be in programme for govt: PLC

Fine Gael proposal to hold citizen's assembly on abortion would be the "first step on a pre-arranged course again".


Consider what a vote for Labour means: PLC

Cross denominational group says it wants to see "stability in our country and a return to the Judeo/Christian values that have underpinned all of Europe in the past."


RTE acknowledges bias on abortion interview

"Other views on Ireland's approach to abortion ... were not provided to listeners.”


PLC tells UN there is no right to abortion

“One woman broke down in tears when speaking of how she regretted her abortion."


Challenge Amnesty’s double standards on abortion

Amnesty International's decision to become abortion campaigners has damaged the founding mission of the organisation claims Life Institute.


PLC dispute latest abortion poll findings

"Opinion polls which omit key information produce distorted results," says Cora Sherlock of PLC.


Labour calls for repeal of 8th amendment

Repeal of amendment protecting the right to life of the unborn will be part of Labour's manifesto for the next election.


Bill seeks abortion for fatal foetal abnormality

Targeting babies with 'fatal foetal abnormalities' will threaten all children with disabilities, warns Every Life Counts.


PLC rejects TD Jerry Buttimer’s call for abortion forum

Pro life group says public would be right to distrust any such process after 2013 Oireachtas hearings in relation to the Protection of Life in Pregnancy Bill.

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