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Peter Sutherland was “a great European and a great world statesman”

Baron Patten of Barnes paid tribute to the former Attorney-General of Ireland and patron of the Jesuit publication 'Studies' in his address on the 'Future of Liberal Democracy'.


Northern Irish policing needs the “very best” Catholics, says Archbishop of Armagh

"We need our very best young people to join the police – and serve the community with generosity, concern, respect and courage,” says Archbishop Eamon Martin.


Hard Brexit will damage Northern Ireland peace process, says PSNI chief

"We are worried that a hard Brexit will create a vacuum that will become a rally call and a recruiting ground for dissident republicans."


Killing of journalist saddens community but strengthens peace resolve

“This is a strong community that will put pressure on those who have brought violence into the community.”


DUP MP raps Bishop McKeown over his Fahan Street appeal

“You cannot claim to love your country and at the same time cause pain and destruction to the people who live there.”


Bishops of Derry condemn violence

Attacks on people in any part of our community are an affront to our society and deserve our unqualified condemnation, Bishop McKeown and Bishop Good said in a joint statement.


Suspected arson in Belfast was “violation of the sanctity of the church”

Bishop condemns attack which damaged well-known Catholic church.


PSNI concerned over lack of interest among Catholics for the Force

From 875 successful applicants last year, 25% were from a Catholic background, compared to 22% in 2014.


Bishop Treanor condemns destruction of Jewish graves

“What a tragedy and blemish that the long-present, beloved and treasured Jewish families of our community should suffer yet again such actions of disrespect, violence to the memory of their beloved dead."


MLA concerned by thefts from Mass-goers’ cars

"There is a possibility that these could be the work of travelling criminals who travel through the area and target vehicles" - PSNI.


Priests targeted in robberies in Northern Ireland

Belfast priest "traumatised" after being held hostage, while two priests in Omagh held at gunpoint days earlier.


Two priests robbed at gunpoint in Co Tyrone

Clerics unharmed when presbyteries targeted by armed robbers on Saturday morning.


Allegations promptly reported to authorities: NBSCCCI

The total number of allegations notified to the National Board between 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015 was 265 NBSCCCI annual report reveals.


NI school remembers nuns killed in car crash

Commemoration Mass held at Mercy Primary School in Belfast and special memorial garden opened at the nuns’ former home.


Concern as Catholic numbers in the PSNI drop

“Unless further initiatives are taken regarding the composition of the police service we could be witnessing a reversal of Patten.”


Bishop condemns attack on Oratory in NI

Crosses, statues, pews and windows smashed in “act of pointless destruction”.


Missionary does Omagh run for South Sudan

"Living in Ethiopia is like living in America compared to South Sudan.”


Priest acquitted of abuse charges by NI court

Fr Peter Donnelly must now face civil canonical investigation process.


Archbishop pleads for safety on the roads

NI facing a "road safety emergency" senior PSNI officer warns.


Concern for priests’ safety following spate of robberies

Cardinal Brady held meeting with Gardaí and PSNI to outline his concerns over violent raids.


Petrol bomb attack on Belfast Catholic Church

Incident condemned as “despicable and completely sectarian.”


Reinstated Belfast priest delighted to be back in ministry

Fr Hugh Kennedy has “not been charged with any criminal offence or allegation" Bishop confirms.


CofI Primate dismayed by Belfast violence and disorder

Abusing or endangering the lives of PSNI officers "wholly unacceptable".

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