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Catholic Schools

NI bishops urge non-cooperation with abortion services

In a statement issued on Tuesday 17 December 2019 the bishops state that all Christians and people of good will are obliged in conscience not to cooperate formally in abortion services, “even if permitted by civil legislation”.


BAI rejects complaint about RTÉ report on sacramental education

The complaint was about lack of impartiality in an RTÉ news report on the preparation of Catholic children for the sacraments in Irish schools.


RE in Catholic schools isn’t just a bit of fluff on the side

Bishop Donal McKeown gives a message of affirmation to over 800 Catholic educators attending the first Derry Diocesan Religious Education Conference.


Catholic ethos in schools must be defended – Archbishop Diarmuid Martin

“What we need is variety in patronage, improvement in the quality of all schools and that is where real opportunity will arise,” the Archbishop said.


Primate calls for review of relationship and sexuality education in RC schools

“Catholic schools should seek to promote a positive self-image and attitude to our bodies, an appreciation of the gift of sexuality,” says Archbishop Eamon Martin.


Catholic schools called to be a family of families – Bishop Monahan

Catholic Schools Week – the annual all-Ireland celebration of Catholic education – runs from 28 January to 4 February.


Catholic schools must remain alert to inequalities in educational system

Archbishop Eamon Martin tells Irish Catholic education conference: "In a Catholic school, religion is not an added extra to be fitted in during break time or twilight hours or registration."


Catholic schools must not be a source of division

At a Mass to mark the beginning of the new school year, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin warns that a narrow one-size-fits-all financial model can easily become a straitjacket for disadvantaged schools.


UK bishops urge Christians to fully participate in elections

Election “will determine how we can heal divisions in our society, care for the vulnerable, how our public services are run and whether we can remain a united kingdom” – Catholic Bishops of England and Wales.


“Vast majority of Catholic schools enrol all applicants”

The CPSMA, the CPS and Iona Institute react to Education Minister’s proposed changes to the school admission system.


Catholic Education Service welcomes cap removal on faith admissions

Arbitrary cap on faith-based admissions prevents the Church from meeting the demand from Catholic parents for places for their children and could cause schools to turn away Catholic families on the grounds of their faith.


Catholic schools dominate league tables in Northern Ireland

“If you take a look at the top 11 schools they are all faith-based, and I think that says it all” - Sean Rafferty, head of St Louis Grammar in Ballymena in Co Antrim.


Compromise admission policy for Catholic schools

New group 'Faith in our schools' suggests allocation of up to 10% of places in oversubscribed Catholic schools to unbaptised / non Catholic children.


Pope pays tribute to St Patrick’s spiritual stamina

"His missionary dedication reminds you, dear newlyweds, of the importance of the Christian education of your children."


Catholic schools unfairly criticised Bishop argues

The vast majority of Catholic primary schools are not oversubscribed, which means they accept all students whose parents apply for admission.


Bishops respond to Minister’s rescinding of Rule 68

“We wish to assure parents that the Minister’s announcement does not alter the ethos of Catholic schools" - Bishops' Council for Education.


Bishop pays tribute to those helping flood victims

“Our solidarity with one another, and especially with those in the greatest need, is an expression of who we are as the people of a merciful God.”


Rule 68 abolition another attack on faith schools

“A faith school has a right to have a faith-based ethos. Parents have a right to send their children to a school with a faith ethos that can permeate the school day”.


Catholic schools must have clear identity: Archbishop

“We have Catholic schools because parents want them. It is parents who must insist that the religious ethos of our schools is respected and not abandoned.”


Increase in the number of ordinations in US

595 men expected to be ordained to the priesthood in 2015, an increase of 24.7% on last year’s figure of 477, according to US Conference of Catholic Bishops.


Most Catholic schools are inclusive: Archbishop

"There is no divine right to a Catholic near-monopoly in education in Ireland."


CSP rejects Education Minister’s inclusivity claim

Examples of inclusivity in schools in practically every parish in the country: Fr Drumm of CSP.


Catholic schools key to mission of the Church: Bishop Nulty

Key to a culture and society shaped with justice and integrity CSW2014 launch hears.


Vatican urges schools to commit to Catholic identity

Number of students in Catholic schools has risen to roughly 58 million.


Catholic schools can never be exclusivist – Archbishop

Education is not aimed just at exam results Archbishop highlights at centenary celebrations.


Catholic Schools FAQs – Ethos

Maeve Mahon gives an insight into what is different about a Catholic school in regard to the characteristic spirit or ethos of the school.


Catholic Primary Schools – Looking to the Future

Fr Michael Drumm discusses school patronage and inclusivity and looks ahead to upcoming consultations about the future of our Catholic primary schools.

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