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Catholic Schools FAQs – Ethos

19 September, 2012


Catholic Schools Partnership (CSP)


The Catholic Schools Partnership (CSP) is an association established by the Irish Bishops’ Conference and the Conference of Religious of Ireland. It was formally launched in 2010. Its aims are to foster coherence in Catholic Education at a national level.

  1. provide a unified voice for Catholic Education in the public forum and with educational bodies and the Government.
  2. support Catholic Educators in the core activities of learning and teaching in order to foster high quality life long learning and faith development for all learners.
  3. support the roles of Governance, Trusteeship and Management.

The CSP has a Council of thirty-three members representative of all the stakeholders in Catholic schools. This Council is charged with implementing a strategy that will achieve the aims of the CSP. The members of the Council are nominated by the Irish Bishops’ Conference, the Conference of Religious of Ireland (CORI), the Association of Trustees of Catholic Schools (ATCS), the Catholic Primary School Management Association (CPSMA) and the Association of Management of Catholic Secondary Schools (AMCSS). Thus it is an umbrella body providing strategic thinking on the major issues facing Catholic schools.

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