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Oct 23 – St John of Capistrano (1386-1456) reforming Franciscan

John married the daughter of a Perugian nobleman but as his marriage had not yet been consummated he had it anulled so that he could enter the Franciscans of the Strict Observance at Perugia..


Oct 22 St John Paul II, pope (1920–2005)

Summary: St John Paul II, pope. Karol Józef Wojtyla (1920-2005) served as pope of the Catholic Church from 1978 to 2005. He was the first non-Italian pope in 400 years and the second longest-serving pope in history. (Pope Pius IX  served for nearly 32 years. 1846-1878). John Paul [...]


Oct 22 – St John Leonardi (1542-1609) priest and reformer

John saw orthodox preaching and good living by priests as the planks of the reform process that had just begun with the Council of Trent.


Oct 21 – St Fintan (or Munnu) abbot of Taghmon d. 635

According to the Martyrology of Tallaght, Fintan of Clonenagh had the name of being the "hard man" among the Celtic abbots.


Oct 20 – St Paul of the Cross (1694-1775) founder of the Passionists

His spirituality drew its power from meditation on the passion of Jesus as expressing the great love of God.


Oct 19 – Saint Jean de Brebeuf and companions (17th century) The Jesuit Martyrs of North America

The Iroquois indians seized Brébeuf and his fellow Jesuit Gabriel Lallemont and tortured them - by scalping, mock baptism with boiling water - until they died.


Oct 18 – St Luke Evangelist , author of Acts

There is a Christian tradition, especially strong in Eastern Orthodoxy, that Luke was the first iconographer


Oct 17 – St Ignatius of Antioch (c.37-107) bishop and martyr

On his way to Rome, Ignatius's only fear was that the Romans might find a way to stop his martyrdom.


Oct 16 – St Margaret Mary Alacoque (1647-90) visionary

Summary: In many Irish churches you will see a stained glass window depicting Our Lord Jesus revealing his Sacred Heart to St Margaret Mary Alacoque. These windows bear witness to the enormous popularity of devotion to the Sacred Heart and the influence of St Margaret Mary [...]


Oct 16 – St Gall (550-630) hermit and missionary

Although the monks of Luxeuil elected Gall as their abbot and a local king, Sigebert, offered him a bishopric, he declined both and chose to remain a humble hermit.


Oct 16 – St. Gerard Majella: A life rooted in God

Summary: St Gerard Majella, a young 18th century Italian who ‘eloped’, so to speak, in order to join the Redemptorists. St Gerard Majella, one of Ireland’s best-loved saints, known here particularly as the ‘mothers’ saint. He was canonized [...]


Oct 15 – St Teresa of Avila(2) 1515-82 reformer and Discalced Carmelite nun

Summary: ‘Nada te turbe’ – popularised by a Taizé chant means, “Let nothing disturb you”. This a Spanish saying and was the motto of Teresa of Avila, Carmelite reformer and mystic. She founded the reformed (“discalced”) Carmelites and in spite of much opposition saw [...]


Oct 15 – St Teresa of Avila: (1) a woman for all ages

Teresa's greatness does not consist in what she tells us about herself but in what she tells us about God and his dealings with us.


Oct 15 St Teresa of Avila, (3) virgin & doctor of the Church 1515-82

A story of Teresa of Avila

‘There’s a lovely story told about the life of Saint Teresa, one handed down to us by tradition. Bishop Philip Boyce of Raphoe retells us .

‘One day as Teresa was making her way [...]


Oct 14 – Pope St Callistus I (d. 220-22)

Callistus went from slave to freedman to moneylender to convict to church administrator to pope and then to being denounced by an antipope


Oct 13 – St Edward the Confessor (1003-1066) King of England

Edward was considered the patron saint of England until 1348 but remained the patron saint of the English royal family. ever since.


Oct 12 – St Wilfrid of York (633-709) Bishop of Northumbria

Summary of  St. Wilfrid was the strong man of the Anglo-Saxon Church. Educated by the Celtic monks at Lindisfarne, he went to Rome and strongly upheld the Roman way of computing Easter against the Celtic monks at the Synod of Whitby (664). Wilfrid also preached at [...]


Oct 11 – St Canice of Dungiven, Aghaboe and Kilkenny (521-603)

St. Canice good humour and readiness to help won him many friends and helpers in preaching the Good News.


Oct 11 – Saint Pope John XXIII (1881-1963) convened the Second Vatican Council

Summary of St John XXIII, Pope. Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli (1881-1963), born in Sotto il Monte in Lombardy, was ordained priest in 1904 and served (among other places) as nuncio in France, before becoming Patriarch of Venice. He served as pope from 1958 to 1963 and in his final [...]


Oct 10 – St Daniel Comboni (1831-81) bishop and missionary

Comboni made efforts (and had some small success) in combatting the slave trade in the region but, this was deeply embedded.


Oct 9 St John Henry Newman – pastor 1801-1980

Summary: John Henry Newman: Born: 1801 Died: 1890) ordained an Anglican priest and later a Catholic priest and cardinal, rector of CUI 1854-58, an important and controversial figure in the religious history of England in the 19th century.

Birth John Henry [...]


Oct 9 – St Denis, bishop, and companions, martyrs (died about 258)

St Dennis and Companions are said to have been executed on Montmartre ("Martyrs' Hill") and their bodies thrown into the Seine


Oct 8 – St Pelagia (4th century) the penitent

Pelagia came into the church where Bishop Nonnus was preaching and hearing what he said, wept tears of repentance.


Oct 7 – Our Lady of the Rosary

Legend attributes the origin of the Rosary as a method of prayer to St Dominic. It was promoted as a kind of lay person's Divine Office, the 150 Hail Marys replacing the 150 psalms.


Oct 6 – St Bruno of Cologne (1035-1101) priest and monk

Although never formally canonised, Bruno's cult was approved for the Carthusians in 1514 and extended to the universal Church in 1623.


Oct 5 – St Faustina Kowalska (1905-38) apostle of Divine Mercy

Faustina had a very intimate relationship with Jesus and was entrusted by him with the mission of Divine Mercy


Oct 4 – St Francis of Assisi

Francis saw the icon of Christ say to him three times: "Francis, Francis, go and repair my house which, as you can see, is falling into ruins."


Oct 3 – Bl Columba Marmion OSB (2) 1858-1923

Summary: Abbot Columba Marmion was a priest of Dublin diocese who became a Benedictine monk and eventually abbot at Maredsous, Belgium. He was beatified in 2000. His writings, especially his Christ the Life of the Soul, show the reader how to become transformed into Christ.

Dom Placid [...]


Oct 3 – Bl Columba Marmion (1) 1858-1923: apostle of the divine adoption

Columba wrote three significant works of very positive spiritual theology: Christ, the life of the soul (1918), Christ in his mysteries (1919) and in 1922 Christ the ideal of the monk.


Oct 2 – Guardian Angels

God has commanded his angels, to keep you in all your ways. They shall bear you upon their hands, lest you strike your foot against a stone....(Mt 18:10)

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