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Season of Creation is not a theology-lite initiative – Bishop McKeown

Bishop Of Derry urges the faithful to build community despite their differences because “A fragmenting world will not see Jesus in a fractious church."


Pray for success of Pan-Amazonian Synod

‘I encourage the faithful to pray for the success of this synod, the purpose of which is to serve the good of humanity,’ said Bishop Alan McGuckian, Chair of the Irish Bishops’ Council for Justice and Peace.


Author urges parents to prioritise fight against climate change

It is the story about doing everything we can for the sake of our children's future, says Dr Lorna Gold.


One-third of wild bee species in Ireland threatened with extinction

Appeal to public on World Bee Day to provide food, shelter and safety for bees.


Missionary congregations discuss future challenges

As part of its centenary celebrations, the Missionary Society of St Columban held an international colloquium in Dalgan Park last week aimed at mapping out the future direction of mission in the Church.


Momentum gathers to combat plastic pollution

Let's cut down on waste says Eco Congregations Ireland.


Laudato Si captures cry of the poor and cry of the earth: Robinson

Former president presented copy of 'Laudato Si: An Irish Response' to Pope Francis during meeting between the Pontiff and the Elders in the Vatican on Monday


Dominican Ecology Centre gears up for busy retreat season

Programme of activities at Co Wicklow convent will explore issues highlighted by Pope Francis in his encyclical Laudato Si.


Ecumenical Bible Week: reading & praying together

It began in 2014 as an effort to tap into the ecumenical collaboration of IEC2012. The different traditions would read, pray and celebrate the Bible together over one week.


New film to raise awareness of Sr Dorothy Stang

“We wanted to demonstrate an authentic witness to the commitment to 'integral ecology' advocated by Pope Francis."


Dublin conference on the impact of climate change

Professor John Fitzgerald, chair of the advisory committee to the Government on the environment, will address the conference on ‘Ecology and Economics’.


Just 4 in 10 American Catholics aware of Laudato Si

Poll also found Catholics (43%) barely ahead of the general public (39%) in viewing global warming as a moral issue.


Encyclical is ‘wake-up call’ on ecological destruction

Pope’s unprecedented intervention must have a positive impact on the vital climate negotiations this year, says Trócaire.


‘Ecumenism is key to Ecumenical Bible Week’

"Many reflective Catholics are taking up the scriptures because there they find that nourishment that keeps them in a faithful relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit."


Pope and Patriarch call for greater care for creation

"Safeguard the life and health of people by respecting the environment and nature” - Pontiff.


St Brigid’s Way making great strides

Pilgrimage starts at Brigid's Well in Faughart Co Louth on 28 June and arrives in Kildare on 6 July.


Trócaire shortlisted for human rights film awards

Food Not Fuel relates the struggles of the indigenous Mayans in Guatemala.


Dynamic tension between theology and spirituality needed says US academic

Professor Arthur Holder rejects separation of spirituality and theology.


Church urged to heed environmental dimension of faith

Water justice is the theme of this year’s Creation Time.


The minding of Planet Earth – Cardinal Daly

Cardinal Cathal B. Daly examines the relationship between religion, science and ecology asserting that religion and science are complementary, not contradictory.


The friends we keep – Laura Hobgood-Oster

Unleashing Christianity's compassion for animals. An engaging well-researched and easy-to-read review of all the issues related to how we interact with animals.


Spirituality and environment: seeking …

This article is the text of a talk given to the Céifin Conference 2009 at the West County Hotel, Ennis. The theme of the conference was the search for a new vision and leadership for the future.


The Point of No Return

Fr. Shay’s columns are published in The Manila Times, in publications in Ireland, the UK, Hong Kong, and on-line. http://www.preda.org


Dark and disappearing

The plundering of the world's forests is having a devastating effect on creation, and for thousands of species life on earth is becoming a thing of the past. Seán McDonagh reports.


The Singing Heart of the World

Creation, Evolution and Faith. A scientist sets out relying on reason to seriously investigate the natural world we live in but eventually finds reason inadequate.


The death of life: the horror of extinction

Seán McDonagh's book is a plea for action before it is too late to save the 11,000 species currently under threat of extinction in mangrove forests and coral reefs across the world.


The cosmic circle: Jesus and ecology

In The Cosmic Circle Edward P. Echlin relates Jesus to ecology. He looks at Jesus in his Nazareth years as craftsman and food grower, and his connection with the earth.


Turf, oil and lifestyle addiction

Up till recently we never had any dificulties about the burning of fossil fuels. But now with global warming established as a fact, perhaps it is time to think again about it, suggests Conall Ó Cuinn SJ.


The green Christ

Columban missionary Seán McDonagh expresses his wish that environmentalists would discover the inspiration for their work which the words of Jesus provide.


Healing the earth

John Scally takes a look at the remarkable work which Seán McDonagh SSC has done to promote the ecological movement among Christians and to develop in people a Christian sense of responsibility towards all creation.

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