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‘Put people first’ bishops appeal ahead of Election2020

"The health system must put patients’ needs first, reducing waiting time for treatment and ending the indignity of an ill person being left on a trolley for long periods."


African bishop criticises West’s sales ethics, government and media

“Evidently, many of the Western powers have an interest in seeing the violence continue, and their profits are more important than our lives” – Bishop Kientega.


Parish priest challenges those behind abduction of Kevin Lunney

Fr Oliver O’Reilly of Ballyconnell warned that, “There is an obvious cancer of evil in our midst that needs to be exorcised before someone is murdered.”


Prayers for Nora Quoirin and her family

“We really do believe that the situation is not hopeless, no matter how difficult it is, and that Nora is in the hands of our loving Father in Heaven.”


Bishops call for action after US mass shootings

“The plague that gun violence has become continues unchecked and spreads across our country.”


Longford church suffers second vandalism attack

“Let there be no ambiguity, this is not a victimless crime.”


Bishop calls for justice for acid attack victims

“I thought I’d never be able to see another thing in my life.”


Hate crime on the rise in Ireland, but our laws don’t address the problem

Because there is no legal definition of hate crime in Irish law, such crimes aren’t systematically recorded. The immediate consequence is that victims are left exposed to continued attack.


Dutch abbot pays tribute to Irish missionary’s battle against child abuse

Columban priest Fr Shay Cullen receives the 2017 Martin Buber Award in the Netherlands.


Bill criminalising purchase of sex will protect vulnerable

“Targeting buyers means we can reduce the demand for women and children to be coerced into selling sexual services” –Turn off the Red Light.


Limerick is a standout city for active nonviolence

Thanks to the contribution of many to active nonviolence, Limerick is now a city that is beginning to sing a song of co-operation and regeneration, new vitality and effective management, artistic, sport and cultural renewal.


Bishop extols peace of Lourdes to Clogher pilgrims

In contrast to the “holiness, solitude and peacefulness” of the French Marian shrine, daily lives are typically drenched with stories and images from social media, newspapers, magazines, television and films.


Primate to lead 20km pilgrimage for peace in Rome

The “pervasive crime, gangland killings and continued threat of paramilitary violence" as well as poverty & homelessness shows "much still needs to be done to create a culture of life & prosperity for all."


Nun’s first novel focuses on life of Nano Nagle

86-year-old Presentation Sister pens first novel retelling the story of the remarkable Irishwoman whose legacy is still making itself felt in 23 countries around the world.


Christians urged to work for abolition of death penalty

“The commandment, ‘Thou shalt not kill’ has absolute value, and concerns both the innocent and the guilty,” Pope Francis said on Sunday.


Abortion is not just an issue in Ireland: Bishop

Challenges for next government include the inadequacy of some services in hospitals & disability facilities, reduced pay, child poverty, homelessness & crime levels.


Gissendaner executed despite Pope Francis’s plea

Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles denies clemency to Kelly Gissendaner despite papal letter.


Scottish Church criticised in safeguarding report

99-page McLellan report condemns culture of secrecy and cover-up that allowed clerical abuse to remain hidden.


Two priests robbed at gunpoint in Co Tyrone

Clerics unharmed when presbyteries targeted by armed robbers on Saturday morning.


All Ireland campaign against prostitution

Poll finds that 88% of Irish men have never bought sex; just 8% say they have, but not regularly, with 4% not responding.


Pope lashes out at the “stink of a corrupt society”

Workplace exploitation, the unemployed's loss of dignity and the need for good politics highlighted by Pontiff in Naples address.


First ever day of prayer against human trafficking

Bishop McAreavey calls for law to criminalise the purchase of sex to be enacted quickly in the Republic of Ireland.


Prisons cannot be seen as mere “dumping grounds”

Archbishop Eamon Martin marks the opening of Prisons Week by suggesting that our prisons should be places where lives can be changed and turned around for the better.


Doubt over police explanation for nuns’ murder

Xaverian suggests Burundian police found suspect too quickly as “an excuse to divert the investigation”.


Italian bishops rally around anti mafia priest

Solidarity statement issued after mafia boss issues death threat against Fr Luigi Ciotti.


Limerick Bishop welcomes Roy Collins verdict

“Justice has in some small way been done": Bishop Brendan Leahy.


Shame perpetrators of violence Archbishop Martin urges

"Vendetta generates further vendetta and leaves perpetrators and the community less secure.”


Criminalise buyers of sex Ruhama urges

Huge increase in migrant women in sex trade over the last decade.

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