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Archbishops urge faithful to think of the homeless this Christmas

“Think for a moment of what it would be like this Christmas to be without a home. To be without a place of shelter. To be out in the cold. To be on your own, living on the streets.”


The Risen Lord is among us, says Diarmuid Martin

Jesus is risen and is with us and He helps us to be people of life and light in a time marked by many dimensions of darkness.


McAleese’s ‘misogynistic’ challenge deserves a hearing, says Archbishop of Dublin

The most significant negative factor that influences attitudes to the Church in today’s Ireland is the place of women in the Church – Diarmuid Martin.


Jesus fulfils the norms but he also does things that shock, says Archbishop Diarmuid Martin

We invoke the healing power of Jesus on the sick among us, remembering in our prayers all those who suffer sickness or anguish or addiction or pain or isolation and loneliness.


Archbishop outlines vision for parish communities of the future

“We must seek the ways to restore the place of God in society and above all in the hearts of our young people.”


Exorcising the devil is now an English language exercise

US Bishops publish English language version of the Rite of Exorcism to make it easier for priests to drive out the devil


Corpus Christi processions are about hope, blessings and communion

We bring the presence of Jesus on to our streets to bring hope, to be a blessing and to build up communion: communion with Jesus Christ, a communion that then binds us together to build wider communion and community.


Man who has carried 12-foot cross through 176 countries visits Ireland

Keith Wheeler has been travelling around the world with his cross for over thirty years as a pilgrim of peace with a message of reconciliation and love.


We remember the vulnerable at Christmas

Many are searching for real hope in the face of an economic crisis, in the face of loneliness and emptiness and the illusion of drugs or empty consumerism.


Christ’s tomb revealed by restoration works

The excavation is taking place inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the most holy place in all of Christianity.


“We must be open to the new ways God wants for us”

Synod is “a spiritual experience of journeying together to renew and deepen our own commitment to our faith" Bishop Leahy explains.


Role for the community in caring for sick: Archbishop

Dublin seminar provides concrete suggestions on how to structure the pastoral care of the sick in a parish in today’s world.


Up to six million turn out for papal Mass in Manila

Pope tells pilgrims that young people need their care so they will not be “robbed of hope and condemned to life on the streets.”


Alpha conference to focus on parish life

Fr Michael White to speak about reviving his local church in Maryland.


Harry Potter producer plans new film about Jesus

Historical 're-telling' to be based on highly controversial book by Muslim Reza Aslan.


‘Heaven is for real’ opens in cinemas today

True story of four-year-old boy's journey to heaven following near-death illness.


Pope weeps for crucified Christians

Laments that “In some countries you can still go to jail for possessing a Gospel.”


Resurrection ethic has contribution to make to society

Christian ethic is a resurrection ethic which respects human life from conception until natural death and every moment in between.


New Easter play based on the life of Veronica

Though Jesus does not appear, his influence abounds.


“Be close to your children” Pope urges fathers

St Joseph is a model for all fathers and educators.


Numbers for RCIA in Dublin biggest so far

64 catechumens and 9 candidates from 18 different nationalities welcomed.


Pope highlights symbolism of Christmas tree lights

Twenty-five metre Christmas tree gifted by Bavarian town to Vatican City.


Tributes paid to theologian and biblical scholar

Professor Sean Freyne to be buried today in his native Co Mayo.


Come follow me: Recalling the dangerous memory …

Aidan Donaldson's book on the cost of Christian discipleship is based on Jesus's preaching that it is the poor, the outsider, the despised and the rejected that are special to God.


He’s Risen: Reflections on the Risen Christ …

In this book Phelim McGowan SJ encourages us to reflect on parts of the mystery of Jesus' life up to the coming of the Holy Spirit.


In the Secret of My Heart: Moments of stillness …

Through the lens of scripture the author, Anna Burke RSM, shows Jesus as the way to experience God and as the source of the meaning of life.


Confronting power and sex in the Catholic Church: reclaiming the Spirit of Jesus

Retired Bishop Geoffrey Robinson critiques the Church’s use and misuse of power, from the Pope to any preacher at the pulpit. He also proposes a new model of exercising authority in the Church where all the members are treated as responsible adults.


Be compassionate

Jesus seems to have deliberately provoked conflict with the dominant social vision represented by the religious authorities by his compassionate healings on the Sabbath and his table-fellowship with outcasts. James Mc Polin SJ tells the story.


Nazareth to Bethlehem

The journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem would probably go via Samaria and Jerusalem and take about four days on foot. It is quite likely that Joseph would have a donkey to carry pieces of wood and other tools of the carpenter’s trade, so surely as Mary was heavily pregnant with the baby Jesus at this


The way it was: the narrative of the birth of Jesus

Matthew Byrne focuses on the biblical accounts of the birth of Jesus and the leading personalities involved – not just Joseph and Mary, but Zachariah and Elizabeth, the shepherds, the wise men, Simeon and Anna, and, of course, Herod. Each has a great human interest.

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