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What’s in a month?

Why is June known as the Month of the Sacred Heart? – Róisin.


Through the eye of a needle

Philip Fogarty SJ shows how in Mark’s Gospel the critical and paradoxical nature of Jesus’ message is gradually revealed to the disciples .


The meaning of parables

The wonderful thing about Jesus’ parables is that they nearly always have an element of surprise, of counter-culture, which he uses to force the listener to make a decision about accepting or rejecting the kingdom of God in their heart. Jim McPolin SJ explains.


Family and friends

Family meant something different in ancient Palestine from what it means in today’s society. It was so radical when Jesus looked around him and said of his community of faith, “Here are my mother and my brothers! Whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother” [...]


Take up thy cross

Jesus wasn’t an instant success. He had to endure the triumph of failure. Paul Andrews SJ shows haw we can do the same.


Fishers of men

This second article by Philip Fogarty SJ on the Gospel of Mark shows how the call of the disciples, his teaching with authority, heaing on the sabbath and forgiving sins brings up the question: Who is this man?


Would you believe?

Amanda writes: How sure can we be that there will be second coming of Jesus Christ and a bodily resurrection of all the dead at his coming? I find that I cannot believe this at all because a return of Jesus with a Universal Resurrection gives rise to many questions. [...]


Constant companions

Philip Fogarty SJ in his commentary on Mark’s Gospel deals with the questions: What does following Jesus mean? Did he have women followers? Were they different from “the Twelve”? These questions left people guessing. And we who read the gospel today are left with these questions too.



Forgiveness is well known as being the central teaching of Christianity. It seems both eminently desirable and well-nigh impossible. Jesus’ teaching in the ‘Our Father’, his parable of the unmerciful servant and his encounter with Zacchaeus bring out how serious he is about this teaching. James McPolin SJ explains.

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