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British and Argentinian military chaplains exchange statues 37 years after Falklands War

"The statues will serve as an ongoing reminder to pray for all of those who fell in the Falklands War, while also giving us a symbol of unity in faith and an aid to our prayers for peace," says the UK's Bishop of the Forces, Paul Mason.


New UN Day of remembrance for victims of sectarianism must lead to concrete action, says ACN

International reports on religious freedom confirm time and again that Christians are the most persecuted group, says ACN.


Irish missionary linked to Pope Francis’s first days

The story of Sr Oliva Maria demonstrates “the far-flung places to which Irish missionaries went and the diverse nature of their work and supports that they provided for the poor and marginalised”.


Back-to-school message from the Pope

Pope Francis reveals he was not always a model schoolboy.


Worldwide statistics show Church is growing at a phenomenal rate

The majority of Catholics worldwide now live south of the Equator and, by 2025, four out of five Catholics will be Spanish speaking


Pope for audience with families with Huntington’s Disease

Around 750 people suffer with HD in Ireland and there are more than 3,000 at risk.


Pope Francis extols team spirit to Villarreal soccer players

“If you play for the good of the group, then it is easier to win.”


Visit of the relics of St Anthony begins in Cahir today

“Everywhere we go we want people to have a special moment with him. When I watch people praying in front of the Saint’s relics I can see that something is happening to them; some are crying, others look so relieved.”


Relics of St Anthony return to Ireland

Outpouring of devotion by thousands of devotees expected in Cahir, Killarney, Knock, Sligo, Dublin, Longford, Derry and Armagh.


Tributes to Francis on third anniversary of election

Cardinal Vincent Nichols and We Are Church Ireland commend Pope on the vitality and freshness that he has sustained over the past three years.


Pope praises women of Paraguay at Caacupe

In his homily at the shrine of the Virgin of Caacupe, the Pope linked his admiration of Paraguayan women with his devotion to Our Lady.


A reasoned No vote is not homophobic

"What will happen will be determined exclusively by the courts and we know from past experience that test cases can produce unexpected results” - Archbishop Martin.


Yes vote may impact on ACCORD bishop warns

“I have serious concerns about the blunt refusal to give any real guarantees regarding freedom of religion in relation to the referendum."


Calls for Co Limerick-born priest to be beatified

Fr Liam Hayes dedicated his life to the poor of Obera where he set up homes for children and adults with severe physical and intellectual disabilities as well as a hospice.


Francis is allowing Church be renewed: biographer

“Church renewal is coming primarily through an emphasis on collegiality and the restoration of the synodal process to what it was intended to be in Vatican II" - Austen Ivereigh.


Tenth anniversary of the death of St John Paul II

Polish saint showed the sick how to “carry the cross of suffering with joy” - Pope Francis.


Documentary considers Francis’ past and future

Can Pope Francis hold the Catholic Church together and reform it at the same time?


Primate pays tribute to Pope Francis’ ministry

Pontiff announces special Jubilee Year of Mercy to begin on Feast of the Immaculate Conception and continue until Feast of Christ the King in 2016.


Senator pays tribute to Irish missionary priest

Fr Liam Hayes SVD founded homes in Argentina for some of the world’s most forgotten people.


Pope grieves for relatives killed in car crash

Two great-nephews aged two and eight months dead, as well as their mother, while Pope's nephew battles for his life.


World Citizens camp convinces Irish teens that united world is possible

Irish teenagers who returned from the World Person Project in Argentina are convinced that it is possible to build a world of peace and understanding.

“If everyone could experience the [...]


Irish teens take part in World Citizens Camp

Event in Argentina brings teens together from all over the world to promote universal brotherhood and understanding.


Vatican calls for peace pause in World Cup final

Initiative aimed at uniting the world in asking for peace in warring countries.


Pope reassures rape victim with personal telephone call

"It was like being touched by the hand of God" mother of six enthuses.


Argentina’s oldest bishop has Irish roots

Parents of 100-year-old prelate emigrated from Ireland to Buenos Aires.

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