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This was an illegal abortion, says family of misdiagnosed baby

Medical practitioner never examined mother or met her in advance of abortion, Deputy Peadar Tóibín tells Dáil.


Opt-out abortion system does not respect freedom of conscience, say bishops

“This legislation requires a healthcare professional to cooperate in what he or she sincerely believes is doing harm to one patient and taking the life of another.”


Eighth Amendment saves 5,000+ people each year

When you legalise something you make it normal. And when you make something normal, you get more of it. That’s why abortion rate in other countries is so high: PLC


Tens of thousands rally to pro-life cause

Being pro-life means that we have an uncompromised passion for life, for what life is and never categorise any life to be of lesser values than others.


PLC censures Citizens’ Assembly report

How did Assembly become such a campaigning body for abortion? asks PLC. Declan Ganley to address All Ireland Rally for Life in Dublin city centre today.


Pro life agencies question BMJ abortion report

“It is ludicrous to treat research funded by the abortion industry as unbiased. It is like expecting honesty from Big Tobacco on the effects of smoking” – Life Institute.


Constitutional protection of unborn life to be eroded

Today, Sunday 23 April, the Citizens’ Assembly will be asked to provide guidance to the Oireachtas on the circumstances in which, if any, they believe abortion should be lawful.


No right to abortion in international law: PLC

Pro Life Campaign criticises Council of Europe report which calls for legalisation of abortion.


Citizens’ assembly meeting on abortion on 15 October

Government should admit the "sole purpose of the citizens’ assembly on abortion is to clear the way for a referendum that would strip the unborn child of his/her right to life," warns PLC.


Drop in number of Irish women in UK for abortions

In 2015, 3,451 women travelled from Ireland to England and Wales for an abortion, down from 2001 when the number of Irish abortions was at 6,673.


Sabina Higgins criticised over abortion comments

EveryLifeCounts responds to President's wife saying it is sad to see her “push abortion for babies like ours because of their severe disability”.


Abortion shouldn’t be in programme for govt: PLC

Fine Gael proposal to hold citizen's assembly on abortion would be the "first step on a pre-arranged course again".


Election 2016 results positive from pro life stance

Findings of Amnesty International/Red C poll on abortion "are more ambivalent and uncertain" than presented: PLC.


Council to vote on call for repeal of 8th amendment

Life Institute appeals to people to contact their local councillors and lobby them against repeal of constitutional amendment that protects right to life.


Rally for Life will urge supporters: ‘Abandon Amnesty’

“People are appalled at Amnesty’s stance, especially those who previously supported the organisation” - Niamh Ui Bhriain of the Rally for Life Committee.


Challenge Amnesty’s double standards on abortion

Amnesty International's decision to become abortion campaigners has damaged the founding mission of the organisation claims Life Institute.


Hospital review shows paper’s story didn’t exist

Review at National Maternity Hospital shows Ireland's ban on abortion did not prevent doctors from intervening to save mothers.


IFPA has questions to answer: Life Institute

HSE inquiry must include "a thorough and transparent investigation into the involvement of the Irish Family Planning Association."


Rally in solidarity with baby Hope and his mother

Pro life vigils take place in Dublin today and Saturday to highlight "equal care" due to mother and baby.


Thousands turn out for pro life rally in Belfast

8,000 voice opposition to proposed changes to NI's abortion laws.


Drop in numbers travelling to UK for abortions

Supports for women with crisis pregnancies and awareness of humanity of unborn child has improved: Life Institute.


Pro life candidates do well in local elections

'Vote Pro Life' message is reaching voters and having an effect.


National Convention for Life to renew pro life movement

Capacity crowd in Dublin to hear national and international speakers on a range of life issues.


Pro Life condemns British Pregnancy Advisory Service ad

"BPAS ideology of abortion on demand until birth repugnant to most Irish people."


Pro Life groups critical of ‘false’ abortion claim story

"This was not an abortion but an intervention necessary to save a mother" - Life Institute.

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