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Asia Bibi leaves Pakistan for Canada

Asia Bibi and her husband had been in protective custody since she was freed from prison in October, and there were fears for her health and safety.


SJI says direct provision is increasingly unfit for purpose

Last year (up to November 2018) asylum applications to Ireland increased by 27 per cent on the same time in the previous year, with the majority of applicants coming from Georgia, Albania, Syria, Zimbabwe and Pakistan.


Bishops say refugees must be accommodated, but locals should be consulted

“The well-being of local communities and of refugees alike requires that the provision of facilities for those who have lost everything must be carefully planned.”


Snow adds hardship for struggling refugees in Greece

Winter makes life in Moria and the improvised Olive Grove camp even harder than it already is for asylum seekers, and especially for the most vulnerable.


Dutch church service enters 60th day in bid to thwart family’s deportation

Parishioners have invoked a medieval law that prevents civil authorities entering a building where a religious service is ongoing.


Irish consulate refuses visas to WMOF2018 pilgrims in Pakistan

About 10,000 families from around Pakistan had applied for visas; 600 from the archdiocese of Karachi alone. All requests were rejected.


Compulsory registration of EU citizens in UK will mostly hit Catholics

The Church’s concern in this matter is justified as the majority of EU citizens in the EU are Catholic, and safeguarding their rights is a priority for the Catholic Church.


Right to work proposals for asylum seekers too restrictive

Last year the Government was ordered by the highest court in Ireland, to allow asylum seekers into the labour market.


From South Sudanese refugee to Olympic sprinter

Mangar Makur Chuot will be a member of South Sudan's first-ever Olympic team in Rio.


Sutherland critical of Europe’s refusal to help refugees

Border controls masquerading as migration policy are “a pathetic response to a moral challenge”.


Bishop criticises forced return of refugees to Turkey

Pope Francis to visit the Greek island of Lesbos next week as a gesture of solidarity with migrants.


31 trafficked women sought help in Ireland

2015 was the second busiest year since the Immigrant Council of Ireland started work in this area a decade ago.


Refugees advocate calls for increased migrant rights

Former director of the bishops' Refugee and Migrant project warns that enforced idleness is unnatural and corrosive of dignity; people need to be allowed to work.


Syrian refugee family already housed at Vatican

The family, consisting of a father, mother and their two children, are from Damascus and are Greek Melkite Catholics.


Yes vote was show of solidarity towards gays: Bishop

Iona Institute chairman calls on Irish Church “to start teaching its teachings”.


Thousands more migrants rescued at sea

Ireland has the ninth lowest number of asylum applications in the EU, with just 6,560 people having sought asylum over the last five years.


Senators seeking reform of asylum system

Vicar General of Kildare & Leighlin warns that children at Montague centre are growing up in an institution which is like an open prison.


Bishops host major conference on migration

Archbishop welcomes forum in which to "calmly and rationally" look at all dimensions of migration.


Ombudsman denounces treatment of asylum seekers

Call for urgent reform of current asylum system in Ireland

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