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Immigrant Council of Ireland

New legal support helps refugee children rejoin their families

Service will ensure that unaccompanied children referred by their social workers and aftercare workers are matched with pro bono legal help.


State fails to notify friends and family of burial of asylum seeker

“This is yet another example of the many ‘accidental cruelties’ of the direct provision system. Nobody means to do harm and everybody does their job, sort of, but things seem to happen to persons in direct provision that don’t happen to other people because it’s a system without a heart.”


Work ban for asylum seekers is unconstitutional – Supreme Court

The human costs associated with the ban on seeking work are: boredom, isolation and social exclusion; obsolescence of skills and creation of dependency; and negative impacts on physical, emotional and mental health.


Just 311 refugees have arrived in Ireland

“We're calling on the Government to step up their efforts and give a timeline for when they will offer a home and safety to the remainder of the 4,000 people they have committed to taking in to Ireland.”


Immigrant Council welcomes navy mission to Med

8,500 people survived thanks to the actions of the Irish Navy crews in 2015 and many more will be saved in the coming weeks.


Immigrant Council research reveals Islamophobia

Catholic patronage criticised by those concerned with getting their children into their school of choice for academic reasons or to join their friends.


31 trafficked women sought help in Ireland

2015 was the second busiest year since the Immigrant Council of Ireland started work in this area a decade ago.


President reflects on ‘homeless’ Mary & Joseph

The Christmas story gives us guidance on how to shape “our own shared humanity” looking to the future.


PULSE logging of racism & hate crimes welcomed

“No-one should have to fear a brick through their bedroom window, abuse when going to the local shop or discrimination of any form" - ICI.


Plight of ‘vulnerable migrants’ highlighted to UN

The Immigrant Council of Ireland has highlighted the plight of stateless children, domestic violence victims and those fleeing war.


Charities warn that Budget2016 fails the homeless

"There is nothing to slow down the shocking number of families becoming homeless."


Advance of sex buyer’s law in Seanad welcomed

There is broad acceptance across political parties about the links between organised crime & prostitution & the need to put these gangs out of business.


Call for law to protect trafficked sex workers

Sexual Offences Bill will be an opportunity to “wreck the business model” for pimps and traffickers and ensure that Ireland is no longer a safe haven for such crimes.


Inadequate support in Ireland for trafficked persons

No convictions specifically against sex or labour traffickers in 2014 international report shows.


Ireland celebrates Africa Day

Immigrant Council of Ireland warns that family rights, access to work and education as well as citizenship need to be addressed by the State.


Calls for EU-wide response to migrant drownings

“I make a heartfelt appeal to the international community to react decisively and quickly to see to it that such tragedies are not repeated" - Pope Francis.


Immigrant Council of Ireland appoints new CEO

Assurances will be sought from all parties and independent candidates in the general election that they will address the concerns of migrants and their families.


Too many in ‘limbo’ warns Immigrant Council

Failure to introduce a fair immigration service is impacting on individuals and families on a daily basis.


Unions condemn sex workers’ exploitation

Globally trafficking for sexual exploitation puts $99 billion into the pockets of criminals each year.


Sr Stan and St Brigid in top 100 Irish women poll

32-page Irish Independent supplement on the women who have helped shape the country.


Criminalise buyers of sex in Ireland Carter urges

“Prostitution is inherently violent towards women and girls” former US president warns.

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