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Msgr Georg Ratzinger, brother of Pope emeritus Benedict, has passed away

“My brother and I were both altar boys, we both served Mass. It was soon clear to us, first to me and then to him, that our life would be at the service of the Church” – Msgr Georg Ratzinger


Irish bishops to partake in annual pilgrimage to Holy Land this January

"The Holy Land Coordination stands in solidarity with all Christians in Israel and Palestine."


Mary McAleese wins Europe’s richest theology prize for her study of canon law

Publisher of book form of thesis says Ms McAleese’s analysis charts a distinct and worrying sea change in the attitude of the Holy See to its obligations under the Convention on the Rights of the Child.


Gott im Himmel! German Catholic numbers plummet

The number of Catholics in Germany fell by more than 216,078 last year – a fall of about 1 per cent of the total.


UN General Assembly to endorse Global Compact on Refugees today

“The lessons we have learned in the European Union during the 2015 migration crisis should serve to remind us of the need to address migration in a cooperative and comprehensive manner. ”


Venerate St Oliver Plunkett by remembering that Christians are still persecuted

“It is shocking to think that in 2017 thousands of Christians are still being persecuted, displaced or expelled, tortured, discriminated and murdered simply because they are Christian,” says Eamon Martin.


New Franciscan novices and noviciate in Killarney

The friary, which over many years had been the novitiate of the Irish Franciscans, is now an inter-provincial novitiate, with novices coming from Ireland, Great Britain, Germany and Holland.


A.K. Shalom Award presented to Irish missionary in Germany

State-sanctioned executions of people suspected of being drug users or dealers in the Philippines have reached a high of about 8,000 since 30 June 2016.


Fr Shay Cullen wins 2017 German Shalom Award

Prize will be presented to Irish Columban missionary on behalf of the Preda Foundation on 4 May in the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt in Germany.


Let’s look at Luther’s legacy

The Reformation helped give greater centrality to scripture in the life of the Church, said Pope Francis.


Fake news alert following report of mob attack on Germany’s oldest church

The phenomenon of fake news was an unfortunate feature of last year’s US presidential election campaign.


New Glenstal Abbot receives blessing

“Notice everything. Turn a blind eye to some things. Correct a little. Cherish the brethren” – new Abbot of Glenstal quotes St Bernard.


“This is a shocking attack on humanity” – Taoiseach

Series of gun and suicide bomb attacks leave at least 120 people dead and 200 more injured in Paris on Friday evening.


Bishop Doran seeks Dáil recall over refugee crisis

Parish communities asked to consider whether there are vacant properties - houses, granny-flats or spare-rooms which might accommodate refugees.


200,000 German Catholics depart Church in 2014

22% rise on the departure of 178,805 Catholics in 2013. Only 2,809 entered the Church in 2014 and 6,314 were readmitted.


The Auschwitz Jesuit Priest of Divine Mercy

"Although Jews were the main victims of Nazi barbarism, the people of Poland were not spared."


Rise in number of Germans leaving the Church

Limburg bishop's €31m renovation programme on his residence blamed for exodus.


Vatican calls for peace pause in World Cup final

Initiative aimed at uniting the world in asking for peace in warring countries.

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