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child abuse

Vatican issues manual for dealing with cases of sexual abuse of minors

“Only a profound knowledge of the law and its aims can render due service to truth and justice” – Vademecum on sexual abuse of minors.


Irish abuse commission concedes ‘seriously erroneous statistic’

The Department of Education information calculates that the number of children in Industrial Schools and Reformatories from 1930–1970 now stands at approximately 42,000—less than one-fourth of the original figure.


Free internet sites pose bigger risk for children

“Children have fewer inhibitions than adults. They will say anything, put up any kind of picture. At the same time, they are very naïve and trusting and believe what they are told is happening.”


New papal edict on abuse is significant for the global Church

In order that the phenomena of sexual abuse, in all their forms, never happen again, “a continuous and profound conversion of hearts is needed, attested by concrete and effective actions that involve everyone in the Church,” says Pope.


Questions remain in the wake of Cardinal Pell conviction

“If we are too quick to judge, we can end up joining the demonisers or the apologists, those baying for blood, or those in denial.”


Former US cardinal defrocked by Vatican for abusing children

“No bishop, no matter how influential, is above the law of the Church.”


Church must start from scratch, says Bishop of Limerick in Boston College address

"If in the past we didn’t see things through the eyes of injured children and young people, today we undoubtedly have moved a long way in that direction.”


UK bishops to review Church’s safeguarding structures

Ahead of their meeting on Friday with Pope Francis, the bishops of England and Wales have asked the National Catholic Safeguarding Commission to carry out an independent and comprehensive review.


Baby shoes at Youghal Mass make small steps towards healing

“There is a lot of hurt surrounding these issues and there will be for decades, but the hurt will never go away if we don’t acknowledge it and try to find a way of healing,”


Aussie bishops refuse to break the seal on Confessional confidentiality

"We are committed to the safeguarding of children and vulnerable people while maintaining the seal. We do not see safeguarding and the seal as mutually exclusive."


Archbishop Martin hopes the Pope will challenge the Irish Church to be different

My hope is that he will speak kindly but also speak frankly, the Archbishop said.


Bishop of Waterford clarifies that news report was “factually correct”

Bishop says priest had no knowledge that Bartholomew Prendergast was abusing children.


Bishop John McAreavey resigns as Bishop of Dromore

“Following media reports which have disturbed and upset many people in the Diocese and further afield, I have decided to step down with immediate effect.”


Let no one say work of safeguarding is done

“I have at times failed to realise how easily my own words and approach can unintentionally come across as hurtful or defensive to those who have been betrayed by Church leaders,” admits Archbishop Eamon Martin at Safeguarding Conference.


Bishop outlines Ferns’ safeguarding progress

"Unintended consequences" of the focus on the mechanics of safeguarding and zero tolerance highlighted.


Scottish Church criticised in safeguarding report

99-page McLellan report condemns culture of secrecy and cover-up that allowed clerical abuse to remain hidden.


Relief as Childline secures funds to continue service

45,000 calls would have gone unanswered, forcing "some children into silence".


Man charged with abuse of Thai surrogate twins

Debate over commercial surrogacy reignites following latest revelations concerning another Australian couple.


Pope pledges tough sanctions against abusive priests

We will not take one step backwards in dealing with this problem Pope assures.


Vatican regrets UN’s observations on child abuse

Report gives no acknowledgement of safeguarding guidelines now in place.


Northern Ireland enquiry uncovers catalogue of abuse

Harrowing accounts of psychological, physical and sexual abuse by former residents at Catholic orphanages.


Priest acquitted of abuse charges by NI court

Fr Peter Donnelly must now face civil canonical investigation process.

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