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Pope makes heartfelt appeal following drowning of 150 migrants

“I renew my heartfelt appeal for the international community to act promptly and decisively to avoid the repetition of similar tragedies and to guarantee the safety and dignity of all.”


Government and Irish Aid consider funding abortions in developing countries

Donor nations need to go back to a focus on the “integral care of the person”. What Africans want most of all is basic healthcare for all and that women give birth safely, says Uju Ekeocha, a Nigerian pro life campaigner.


Call from bishop to confront racism in England

Bishop Paul McAleenan stated that society in England has experienced a significant rise in hate crime since the 2016 referendum and last year’s terror attacks.


Delays hamper asylum seekers’ integration into Irish society, says UNHCR

The introduction of a more general right to work from June, for those who can avail of it, should ease some of the stress people experience while waiting. Ultimately, however, they need certainty about their fate to move forward with their lives – Enda O’Neill, Head of Office with UNHCR Ireland.


Vatican co-hosts conference on xenophobia

It is vital to understand the many reasons for migration, including those fleeing from wars, and to avoid making migrants "scapegoats for everything that creates the problems of the world today" - WCC


Irish university students design refugee shelters

“We wanted a shelter that was solid but was also a nice home for people,” said Shane Fleming, one of the UCC students.


880 refugees feared dead in shipwrecks off Italy

“To keep letting people drown in the Mediterranean Sea is a scandal and immoral” - Tom Smolich SJ, director, JRS International.


More migrants crossing Mediterranean Sea: IOM

Some European politicians have said ‘if we save lives we act as an attraction for more people to try to come’ - that is outrageous immorality: Peter Sutherland.


Paris, migrants and climate change dominated 2015

“The world urgently needs to bring peace to Syria to stop the completely unacceptable suffering of the Syrian people" - Éamonn Meehan, Executive Director, Trócaire.


Catholic primary schools welcome refugee children

"The majority of schools have space to enrol children and would be happy to do so' - Catholic Primary Schools Management Association.


Pope voices concern for refugees stranded at sea

“A new wave of boat people, ejected by excruciating poverty and conflict from both Myanmar and Bangladesh, are adrift in the seas.”


Rise in global statelessness

"We now have the greatest number of displaced people since World War Two," Columban missionary Fr Bobby Gilmore warns.


Pope Francis begins Middle East visit

Pontiff calls for "urgent" solution to Syrian conflict.


Faithful urged to celebrate St Patrick’s Day with Mass

Call for Govt to increase resettlement commitment to victims of Syrian conflict to 300.

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