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Typhoon Haiyan

Missionaries helped 2.5 million in 2015

"Missionaries have always had the unique foresight and commitment to target the world’s most difficult challenges" - Heydi Foster, CEO of Misean Cara.


Pope visits typhoon survivors in Philippines

Impending typhoon forced Pontiff to cut short his visit to island of Leyte, one of the areas worst affected by the 2013 typhoon that claimed 10,000 lives.


Bishops regret suspension of UN food scheme

Chair of Trócaire, Bishop William Crean, expresses “grave concern” for the 1.7 million Syrian refugees dependent on World Food Programme voucher scheme.


Climate change could cause 250,000 deaths

Climate change, Trócaire director warns, is the single biggest threat to humanity but the political system has refused to address it.


Cardinal Tagle pays tribute to Columbans in Philippines

Fr Shay Cullen’s Preda Foundation celebrates its 40th anniversary.


Dungarvan group establishes ‘bond of love’ with Philippines

Community awaits safe arrival of relief aid for victims of Typhoon Haiyan.


Ecumenical service for people of the Philippines

One month on from Typhoon Haiyan, close to 2,000 are still missing, and 5,670 are recorded dead.


Misean Cara approves further €120,000 for Haiyan relief

Getting aid to those that so urgently need it is a slow process according to Caritas.


Fr Shay Cullen reports on the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan

"I have been through ferocious typhoons during my 44 years in the Philippines but have never experienced anything like this."


Cardinal questions if global warming caused taiphoon

Special Mass for victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and the war in Syria.


Cardinal relays sympathy of the Irish to the Filipino people

Mass to be offered for the people of the Philippines and Syria in Armagh on Sunday.


Irish nun provides first-hand account from Philippines

"It’s painful to watch," Sr Anne Healy said of her visit to Leyte Island following typhoon Haiyan.


Govt donates €1m towards Typhoon Haiyan relief effort

Ireland has “strong bonds" with Filipino people through missionaries and Filipinos working here - Tánaiste.


Pope prays for 10,000 Typhoon Haiyan victims

Pontiff deeply saddened by destruction and loss of life caused by super typhoon.

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