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Minister for Education

Irish government and UCD criticised ahead of Newman canonisation

Newman was one of the great literary figures of the 19th century and the founder and first rector of the university now known as UCD.


Over 5,000 calls to SVP seeking back-to-school help

“Back-to-school this week has been a really exciting time for lots of children and their parents. But for many low income and struggling households, the preparation for the new school year has been a huge source of stress and anxiety”.


Cautious welcome for school cost reductions

SVP members regularly visit families who put off paying bills, fall into debt, or sacrifice spending on food and other essentials to cover school costs such as events, exams, curricular-based sport and music, trips and equipment.


Church of Ireland patrons concerned over school admissions proposals

“In recent years, faith schools have been poorly served, at times, by news media. Too often, there is a failure to ensure that hyperbole and opinion are counterbalanced with evidence-based facts.”


Focus on care for the earth in Catholic Schools Week 2017

“Catholic education has played a key role in the integration of new communities into Ireland and is one of the most valuable things we have” – CPSMA


“Vast majority of Catholic schools enrol all applicants”

The CPSMA, the CPS and Iona Institute react to Education Minister’s proposed changes to the school admission system.


Bishop of Limerick pays tribute to Munster rugby legend

“Whether on or off the field, Anthony [Foley] displayed the same characteristics of honesty, integrity, loyalty, dignity and more.”


Archbishop and Minister open exhibition on role of Church in 1916

Exhibition gives a unique glimpse into the hearts of those who ministered and those to whom they ministered during the Rising in Dublin.


Community National Schools recognise belief & diversity

“There is still a very significant portion of Irish society who want their children to have the sacraments (taught in national schools)."


Compromise admission policy for Catholic schools

New group 'Faith in our schools' suggests allocation of up to 10% of places in oversubscribed Catholic schools to unbaptised / non Catholic children.


New study affirms role of small CofI primary schools

Research shows that 96% of all Chairs; 96% of all principals; 97% of all teachers and 94% of all parents regarded these small schools to be making a valuable contribution to primary education.


Rule 68 abolition another attack on faith schools

“A faith school has a right to have a faith-based ethos. Parents have a right to send their children to a school with a faith ethos that can permeate the school day”.


St Munchin’s reopens after €8m revamp

Bishop Brendan Leahy pays tribute to Limerick school's contribution since 1796.


Most Catholic schools are inclusive: Archbishop

"There is no divine right to a Catholic near-monopoly in education in Ireland."


CSP rejects Education Minister’s inclusivity claim

Examples of inclusivity in schools in practically every parish in the country: Fr Drumm of CSP.


Minister addresses concerns on divesting of schools

Archbishop warns of resistance as everybody is in favour of diversity except for their own school.


Catholic patrons included among nine new schools

Application by Diocese of Cloyne with the Cork Education and Training Board (ETB) as well as Edmund Rice Schools Trust successful.


SVP welcomes Minister’s move on school uniform costs

Up to now parents have had very little say in school uniform policy SVP warn.


New €12.5m building opened at Sligo’s Summerhill College

Bishop warns against dismissing religious belief as irrational, divisive and anti-intellectual.

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