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Bishop Doran concerned by underage drinking

“If we expect our young people to behave responsibly and safely, then we have to begin by behaving responsibly ourselves.”


Jesuit priest says Ireland must tackle its drinking problem

“The worst thing about excessive drinking is not the men it makes drunk but the children that it makes afraid.” – Fr Barney McGuckian


Pioneers support people giving up drink for Lent

The Movement will be bigger this century than last because of its spread abroad, Fr Bernard McGuckian SJ.


Bishop’s concern as curbs on alcohol promotion are watered down

“The removal of a ban on sports sponsorship, limits on advertising, point-of-sales display controls and minimum pricing is of deep concern” – Bishop Eamonn Walsh.


Ale to the Chief! Texan PP is the toast of US brewers

It’s hard to put into words what winning the Ninkasi means to us.


Poll shows public split on Good Friday drinking laws

“There are only two days in the year when the pubs close, the other one being Christmas Day. In time will they open on that day too?"


Pioneers want Good Friday alcohol ban retained

“Our hospital beds are occupied with up to 2,000 patients with illnesses related to excess alcohol and in the region of three people per day die in Ireland for the same reason.”


WYB programme celebrates Sr Consilio’s healing love

Well-known broadcaster, Miriam O’Callaghan, described Mercy nun at Cuan Mhuire’s 50th anniversary celebration as “a living saint”.


Tribute to Cuan Mhuire’s role in breaking tide of addiction

“Today in Cuan Mhuire, there is a message of hope. Addiction need not be the last word. We can do something about it” - Bishop Brendan Leahy.


Pioneers call for re-introduction of Confirmation pledge

“Liver disease has approximately doubled in Ireland in the last 20 years for both men and women. We’re seeing people in their early 30s dying from liver failure. Before it was 40s and 50s mainly.”


Bishop appeals to motorists to ‘drive safely’

53 deaths on roads in the Republic and another 18 in Northern Ireland so far this year.


Street Pastors help bring calm to city at night

Drink is at the root of "vast majority of incidents". The entertainment & hospitality industries & stakeholders on the streets "need to address drink issues together".


‘Temperance prevents excess getting a grip’

“It has become so difficult for people to resist the culture of artificial and chemical enhancement for all kinds of performances and entertainment” - Bishop Éamonn Walsh.


Bishop Cullinan defends Good Friday alcohol ban

"What kind of example is Irish society setting its young people if it cannot do without alcohol being on sale for one day."


Forget perfection at Christmas counsellor advises

Marriage Counsellor warns couples not to put themselves under pressure to provide the perfect family, the perfect Christmas and perfect presents.


IBDI urges speedy enactment of new alcohol laws

While average alcohol consumption decreased by 15% in Europe in the 30 years from 1980 to 2010, it increased by 24% in Ireland during the same period.


Bishop asks for prayers for victims of French crash

Bishop Liam MacDaid of Clogher and Archbishop Eamon Martin pray for 43 dead in French crash as appeals made for safe driving in Ireland this weekend.


Leaving Cert results likely to cause binge drinking

Irish Bishops' Drugs Initiative offers congratulations to 56,000 students but cautions them about the health and safety risks of alcohol use.


Primate affirms role and message of Pioneers

Alcohol is a factor in half of the suicides in Ireland and more people die each day from alcohol-related problems than on our roads.


Minimum unit price will counter alcohol abuse

Oireachtas Joint Committee on Health and Children sets out recommendations it would like considered for possible inclusion in the upcoming alcohol legislation.


Bishops criticise sports omission from alcohol bill

“Sponsorship of sporting events targets young people and promotes a culture which suggests that healthy living is synonymous with alcohol consumption.”


Reduce alcohol intake for Lent bishop urges

“The last thing I want to be is a killjoy – I love sports but I do know that the advertising of alcohol in sporting events influences young people extraordinarily.”


Ban on alcohol sponsorship of sports in doubt

Coordinator of Irish Bishops Drugs Initiative concerned that the Govt is putting the needs of big business ahead of the health of young people.


Take Pioneer pledge for November

Temporary pledge is about taking time-out to reflect on our relationship with drink.


Bishop alarmed by level of alcohol consumption

Vice-chair of Irish Bishops’ Drugs Initiative responds to call for the opening of pubs on Good Friday.


“Alcohol is our national wound” Limerick bishop warns

Many families’ lives devastated by abuse of alcohol.


IBDI plea for an alcohol free St Patrick’s Day

Parental influence more significant than peers in young people's attitude to alcohol.


Binge drinking linked with rape Archbishop warns

Irish Bishops Drugs Initiative holds national conference in Dublin at weekend.


Take the pledge for November urge Pioneers

Increased interest in short term pledge.


Drink culture must be confronted Archbishop warns

Pope Francis pays tribute to the work of the Pioneers in a letter to mark 115th anniversary.

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