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“Week of Witness” for persecuted Christians

We will provide the opportunity for the faithful to gather as a community and pray not only for persecuted Christians – but also for the persecutors of Christians (ACN Ireland).


Ecumenical Way of the Cross highlights sufferers and their carers

Those who need support and those who provide support are foremost in our thoughts, says Catholic Bishop of Limerick, Brendan Leahy.


Cliff Richard “poured my heart out” to God after allegations

Famous singer speaks of forgiveness during a dark period in his life.


Do not be afraid to proclaim your faith: Archbishop Brown

Church is built on young people, Archbishop Brown tells Youth 2000 summer festival.


‘Her death is a huge cross for her family’: Bishop

Sr Clare's "life and death have posed questions for many of her contemporaries – what is worthwhile doing in life, what makes a beautiful person, who we want as our idols?”


Cardinal Nichols speaks of Romero’s martyrdom

“Today, in the name of this martyr, we resolve again to be upholders of this God-given dignity of every person.”


Our faith must be a 21st century faith: Archbishop

Many who decry the errors of the recent past quickly forget “how much all of us in our own way were part of a culture of empty celebrity in the days of prosperity”.


Christians can’t expect privileged hearing: Archbishop

Secular society “can be allergic to any explicit mention of faith commitment in the life of men and women with responsibilities in the economic or social or political life of society."


St Brigid’s Way making great strides

Pilgrimage starts at Brigid's Well in Faughart Co Louth on 28 June and arrives in Kildare on 6 July.


Pope Francis says internet is a gift from God

In first message for World Communications Day, Pope Francis chooses: Communication at the Service of an Authentic Culture of Encounter.


Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby to meet Pope Francis

Focus of visit to be on modern slavery and human trafficking.


A Calling for Everyone – Armagh Vocations DVD

Watch some short clips from this new DVD which gives an intimate insight into the homes and hearts of people from the Archdiocese of Armagh as they fulfil their calling in life.


Where God Hides – a book by Liam Lawton

Liam Lawton shares one of the stories featured in Where God Hides at the launch of the book in All Hallows College on 19 September 2012.


IEC2012 Memories – Croke Park

Teresa Menendez shares her memories of the closing liturgy in Croke Park and the hand over to the Philippines who will host the next International Eucharistic Congress in 2016.


Catholic Grandparents Association

This presentation at IEC2012 explores practical ways that can help Grandparents fulfill their role of passing on their most precious gift of faith in a world that is increasingly hostile to those beliefs.


Finding my Religion – John Waters

John Waters speaks about his journey of discovery concerning religion as a primal force in the structure of humanity.


Through the Eyes of the Apostles Exhibition

This sensory rich installation was one of the highlights of IEC2012 for many pilgrims- it transports visitors to Capernaum, the village on the shores of the Sea of Galilee where Jesus lived during His public ministry.


Interview with John Waters on ‘finding my religion’

John Waters, Author and Journalist, shares his reflection on ‘finding my religion’ which was the title for his talk at IEC2012.


Interview with Catholic Comment

Watch an interview recorded at IEC2012 with one of the organisers of Catholic Comment – Petra Conroy – and one of their newly trained speakers – Kevin Leavy..


Br Alois Prior of Taize at IEC2012

The theme for Monday at IEC2012 was Communion in One Baptism – Br Alois (Prior of Taize) summarises his message that he delivered in the main arena.


Why I volunteered for IEC 2012

A number of volunteers share why they were inspired to serve at the International Eucharistic Congress and offer encouragement to those thinking of joining up. Applications close on March 17th.


Wounded Prophet – A portrait of H.J.M. Nouwen

Michael Andrew Ford paints an honest and sympathetic picture, examining all areas of Nouwen's life and his legacy as a great spiritual writer.


Confessions of a lapsed Catholic – Sheila Cassidy

Sheila's "Confessions" may find echoes in hearts and minds with regard to the practice of Catholic faith today.


50 Years receiving Vatican II: a personal odyssey

This is a collection of the occasional writings of Liverpool priest Father Kevin Kelly who has been discerning and clarifying the call of God's Spirit in people's lives over the last fifty years.


The Incarnation on the School Corridor

Incarnation can be a very concrete experience. The author Lloyd Bracken is Faith Development Co-ordinator at Ceist Education Office, Maynooth, Co. Kildare.


Mary, my mother

Lisa Gurney is a writer in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.  She wants to share as widely as possible, how Mary helped the lost little girl and the suffering adult.


How Hurricane Katrina affected me

Maeve Mc Mahon OP is an Irish Dominican Sister who set up a school for African American children in New Orleans, but suffered a huge trauma when Hurricane Katrina struck. Here she tells some of her story. The fuller version is in her book recently published.


Antoni Gaudí

He died a pauper's death but the genius of Gaudi lives on in his wonderfully designed buildings and churches in Spain. No one knows what the final design of the Sagrada Familia was to be.


Yours sincerely

Angela MacNamara made her name writing as an agony aunt in The Sunday Press during the 1950s and 1960s. She also responded personally to about fifty letters a week as well as those that were published. She was then recruited to talk in schools with teenagers struggling to become adults. Here she writes a warm-hearted


A faith that does justice

Seosamh MacReamon tells of his experience with the Society of St Vincent de Paul as a student in Trinity College and with the organisation “Slí Eile” as team coordinator for the group’s retreat programmes. Through these activities he helped hand on the faith and its values to another generation.

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