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Catholic Grandparents Association

02 October, 2012

Catholic Grandparents Association

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The Catholic Grandparents Association is a group of people united by a belief in the importance of the vocation of grandparents. We assist grandparents in providing a crucial link in passing on the faith. We do this chiefly by organising annual grandparents’ pilgrimages worldwide , holding grandparents’ days in school, promoting our Children’s Prayer Appeal and by distributing the special Prayer for Grandparents which Pope Benedict XVI wrote at our request.

This presentation at IEC2012 explores practical ways that can help Grandparents fulfill their role of passing on their most precious gift of faith in a world that is increasingly hostile to those beliefs. It seeks to offer solace and guidance to grandparents and families who are separated. Provides a forum for Grandparents to interact, share ideas and draw on collective wisdom and experience.Our Holy Father Pope Benedict the XV1 wrote a special Universal prayer at the request of the Catholic Grandparents Association to help Grandparents in this great task.

Lord Jesus Look with love on Grandparents the world over. They are a source of enrichment for families, for the Church and for all of society.

Catherine  Wiley

Catherine Wiley, founder of the Catholic Grandparents Association, is a native of Castlebar, County Mayo. Married to Stewart for 44 years, Catherine is a grandmother of ten.

She has spent most of her adult life outside Ireland. She now lives in Walsingham in England, where she started the Grandparents’ Pilgrimage in 2002.

Máire Printer

Máire Printer, retired teacher and Grandmother of 6, is a native of Glasgow, Scotland. She came to Ireland in 1983 and lives in Westport, co. Mayo. Máire joined the Catholic Grandparents Association in 2010 and was elected 1st President of the Association in 2011.

Fr Benny McHale

Fr Benny McHale is a priest in the Archdiocese of Tuam. His work includes school retreats and talks to adult groups. He brings groups to the Holy Land and Medugorje.

He has special interest in the Eucharist and Evangelisation and recently produced a DVD, The Eucharist, linking Heaven and Earth for parents and teachers to enable them to explain a deeper meaning of the Eucharist to children and pupils.

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