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Father Patrick Peyton’s early life

You may think it takes a special family, a special home to “make” a saint. You’d be right. It takes a holy family. As soon as that is said, most of us think, “oh, that’s not my family.” However, you’d be wrong. All families are holy families. All families can create the home environment that


Reconciled being, love in chaos

President Mary McAleese tells how her experience of have children has given her some understanding of how God can extend his love to so many. There is no exclusivity in God’s love: it is all-including.


Etty Hillesum: A life transformed

Etty Hillesum was a vibrant young Jewish woman who lived in Nazi occupied Amsterdam in the early 1940s and died ad Auschwitz in 1943. In the months before she was arrested she underwent a profound transformation through psychotherapy. She refused to give into hate and in this way overcame the evil of the Holocaust. The



‘Kairos’ is a Greek word meaning ‘right or opportune moment’ and is used in theology to describve a time with grace potential. Contrasting with ‘chronos’, meaning ‘ordinary or chronological time’, ‘kairos’ means holy or God-given time, laden with meaning and choice. Kairos signals new possibliities, repentance, renewal and action. Tess Martin tells of a new


The last days of Edel Quinn

Henry Peel OP recounts the last days of Edel Quinn, a young woman who worked tirelessly as an envoy of the Legion of Mary in East Africa.


A worker for the kingdom: Dorothy Day

The path which led Dorothy Day to Jesus was a winding one, but her love of and commitment to the poor and the Catholic Worker movement which she founded show the genuineness of her life. John Murray tells her story.


Fr John Sullivan SJ (1861-1933)

A hundred years ago this year – on 28th July 1907 – Father John Sullivan was ordained a priest in the Jesuit chapel in Milltown Park. Conor Harper SJ writes about his life and influence.


Viva Cristo Rey (Miguel Pro SJ)

John Murray PP writes about the life of Miguel Pro, a Jesuit priest from Mexico who worked in Belgium and returned to be executed for his faith on 29 November 1927.


Adventures in reconciliation

Paddy Monaghan is the leader of the Alpha Course Movement in Ireland. Here he tells of the personal experience that changed his life and led him to devote so much of his time and energy to the task of evangelisation.


Maori and Pakeha

Fr Paul Andrews reflects on some of the very positive qualities he discovered in the people he met during his stay in New Zealand.


The phenomenon of Teilhard

Martin Brennan SJ reviews the life of Jesuit scientist and thinker Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and emphasises Teilhard’s heroic concern to show that there is no necessary conflict between the findings of science and the religious conception of creation.


Just as I am: Billy Graham

Reluctant to go to church as a youth, Billy Graham had the prototypical “born-again” experience as a teenager and by eighteen felt called to be a full-time evangeliser. He has had some Catholic evangelisers as his friends – Bishop Fulton Sheen and Pope John Paul II. John Murray tell his story.


Amazing Grace

Conall Ó Cuinn SJ tells the story of John Newton, who was involved in the slave trade, but had an experience of the mercy of God. He became a preacher and composed the hymn “Amazing Grace”. Albert Finney plays the part in the recent film of the same name.


Andrei Rublev

Andrei Rublev is famous for his icon of the Trinity. It is a stunning vision of the divine community to which, in the Eucharist, the faithful are invited to participate. John Murray PP tells us of the life of Rublev who was canonised by the Russian Orthodox Church in 1988 and about the spirituality of


Life here and after

Businessman and Senator Feargal Quinn, former Director of Superquinn, tells how being in touch with his dead father has strengthened his faith in the hereafter.

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