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South Korea

Pope Francis to visit North Korea?

Recent developments that make the invitation from North Korea possible include the provisional agreement signed between the Vatican and China, which is a major sponsor of the North Korean regime.


Cork missionary honoured for her work in South Korea

Sr Philomena and her colleagues faced an extremely turbulent environment when they arrived at the end of the Korean War, with large numbers of people suffering from tuberculosis and malnutrition or in need of treatment for landmine injuries.


We value anybody who has been with us: Columbans

Missionary priests who left over celibacy tell their stories in television documentary which was directed by the wife of one of the 13 ex priests interviewed.


Mission DVD to be seen in parishes and schools

“It was an amazing experience and I met so many remarkable Irish missionaries doing incredible work" - former RTE journalist Charlie Bird.


Major South Korean honour for Irish missionary

Columban priest Fr Noel O’Neill from Limerick awarded the Manhae international award for his work helping people with special needs.


Irish missionaries – comforting the world’s afflicted

Report on the work of Irish missionaries in the Philippines and Korea helping the marginalised and most disadvantaged.


Three Jesuit deacons ordained in Dublin

“We will not heal those whose lives have drifted from Jesus Christ by throwing books of dogma at them," warns Archbishop Martin.


Make yourselves available for God’s plan: Pope

Pontiff warns that a spiritual desert is robbing young people of hope and even life itself.


Concerns over aspects of Korean papal visit

Columban critical of planned visit to controversial Kkottongnae centre, a care home for 4,000 physically and mentally disabled people.


Catholic delegation at World Council of Churches Assembly

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin among the 5,000 participants from 110 countries.

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