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Vatican promotes subsidiarity and solidarity for persons with rare diseases

There are over 300 million people in the world suffering from over 6000 identified rare diseases – European Organisation for Rare Diseases (EURORDIS).


Bishop Router calls out culture and government over teenager’s murder

“The reprehensible sub-culture in our society which views all human life as expendable, including the lives of children, must be defeated” – Bishop Michael Router.


Divorce referendum planned for May

What concerns me about the government proposal is not even [bringing] the four years down to two years. It is that they are going to take the waiting period out of the Constitution completely and leave it up to the Oireachtas – David Quinn, Iona Institute.


All amendments rejected in latest stage of abortion debate in Seanad

“As a society and as elected representatives, we cannot hide from the inconvenient truth of what legalised abortion involves” – Senators Rónán Mullen and Brian Ó Domhnaill.


COMECE issues new reflection on the future of work

“The spread and use of new technologies has increased autonomy, but for many it has also led to an intensification of work, shrinking the space for life in family and society.”


Government must work in interest of all – Social Justice Ireland

“A real republic will stand for social justice and for equality. Social Justice Ireland calls on leadership from all sectors of Irish society to become part of a debate on a new social contract for a new century,” said Dr Seán Healy.


‘Sister’s Café’ aims to raise awareness of nuns

Eight female congregations will provide information about vocations and the role a Sister can play in assisting the more vulnerable in society.


Society depends so much on the family: Archbishop

"By destabilising marriage we are rapidly eroding the social structure on which humanity depends" warns Dr Michael Neary of Tuam.


Bishop urges families to pray grace at mealtimes

“It can be very difficult for parents to provide for the material needs of their children" and there are children who live and sleep in very inadequate situations.


Reek Sunday pilgrimage to Croagh Patrick is cancelled

Archbishop Neary expresses his disappointment. "I'm not aware that it has ever been cancelled before and I have been climbing this mountain since I was a young lad many, many years ago."


Bishops warn of possible law suits if MarRef passes

"Will those who sincerely believe that marriage is between a man and a woman be forced to act against their faith and conscience?” - Bishop Martin Drennan.


Primate reiterates opposition to referendum proposal

The Church is not trying to hurt or offend anyone, “We simply want to respect the dignity of difference between male and female” - Archbishop Eamon Martin.


Every child should have its ‘mammy and daddy’

"Will the terms ‘father’ and ‘mother’ have any real meaning in the future?" - Bishop Phonsie Cullinan.


This is not a single-issue referendum: Bishop Nulty

“At a time when we place emphasis on the richness of pluralism and ... diversity, it is a contradiction to minimise human differences. A father is not the same as a mother.”


Bishop Smith decries lack of debate over CFR bill

The search for equality in our society will not be advanced by undermining the very cornerstone on which a just and stable society is built.


Archbishop made no call for conscience clause

Transcript shows Diarmuid Martin commented on freedom of conscience without making any specific proposal in relation to marriage referendum.


Pope lashes out at the “stink of a corrupt society”

Workplace exploitation, the unemployed's loss of dignity and the need for good politics highlighted by Pontiff in Naples address.


Government urged to give lead on climate change

Social Justice Ireland calls on the Coalition to ensure its policies on climate change are coherent.


Pope worries about impact of absent fathers

Without father figures, young people often feel ‘orphaned’ and left adrift at a critical moment in their growth and development.


Our faith must be a 21st century faith: Archbishop

Many who decry the errors of the recent past quickly forget “how much all of us in our own way were part of a culture of empty celebrity in the days of prosperity”.


Bishops outline opposition to redefining marriage

New pastoral statement says "Marriage should be reserved for the unique and complementary relationship between a woman and a man.”


Dale Ahlquist to lecture on GK Chesterton

The family is the basic unit of society; if the family falls apart, the whole of society will fall apart.


The Church and politics

This article is a chapter from the book by Austin Ivereigh and Kathleen Griffin, Catholic Voices: Putting the case for the Church in an era of 24-hour news. It gives a good summary of the central themes of Catholic Social Teaching.


Challenging questions

Why does the Church interfere [...]


Kith and kin

Cathy Molloy outlines why the family is so important for giving children the security and acceptance they need to develop and its importance in building up a civilisation of love.


Easy targets

Fr Paul Andrews SJ highlights unconscious prejudice and how we can annihilate the more vulnerable people in society without ever being aware of what we are doing.


A beacon of hope

In 2005 the Church published The Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church. This is an accessible summary of Catholic social teaching of the last century. Gerry O’Hanlon stresses that this is not something added on to our faith. It is the practical application of the Gospel.


Priest, Prophet and President

Canon 285 par 3 of the Code of Canon Law states: “Clerics are forbidden to assume public office whenever it means sharing in the exercise of civil power”. Columban missionary Fr Shay Cullen asks us not to judge too hastily those who have felt the struggle for justice has warranted [...]


Communion + Friendship = Liberation!

Andrew Carvell outlines how the annual Rimini Festival of faith and friendship, the largest Catholic cultural event in Europe, manages to attract up to one million Catholics annually.


Sophia – Lady Wisdom at work

Tom Cahill talks with Jean Quinn, founder of the Sophia Housing Association which takes a holistic approach to helping homeless people.


A look inside our prisons

Peter McVerry SJ reviews the first report of the Inspector of Prisons in Ireland, and is glad to see that it has not missed the shameful reality of life for many criminals in the prison system.

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