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Prince Charles will lead UK delegation at Newman canonisation in Rome

“His ministry, especially among the poor, is a permanent sign of the Church’s pastoral compassion and a challenge to us all today.”


Bishop Nulty pays tribute to “indispensable” Poor Clares

“They are an invaluable powerhouse of prayer for the wider diocese and indeed much further afield.”


A new movie about Sister Faustina to be released this autumn

In her visions, Our Lord wore a white garment with red and pale rays emanating from his heart.


Irish aid agency welcomes Oscar Romero’s canonisation

“Archbishop Romero’s values, conviction and compassion still influence Trócaire today and help guide us in our work.”


Seven to be canonised in Rome today

Blessed Nunzio Sulprizio will be made a saint today, in line with Pope Francis's desire to canonise a teenage saint during the month-long meeting of the world Synod of Bishops on Young People.


Overflow of joy at Fr Sullivan beatification in Dublin

Faithful to the vow of poverty, he gave immediately to others every gift he received.


Seven new saints for the Church

Three of the new saints are from the Spanish speaking world, while two are French and two are Italian. Two of the new saints are martyrs.


New bishop of Waterford & Lismore installed

“We put ourselves at the service of others especially those most in need in our society: the poor, the sick, the vulnerable, those who feel alienated from God”.


President of CatholicTV talks faith and media

Fr Robert Reed is the CEO of a major Catholic television network in the US. He has just published his first book. He talks about the saints, priesthood, renewal and 'Renewed'.


‘A time of opportunity for religious broadcasting’

President of CatholicTV in the US talks about the media, his debut book and his favourite saints.


Pope calls for prayers for forgotten souls

Pontiff marks Feast of All Souls and hails “the anonymous who rest in common graves as unknown saints”.


St Brigid’s Way making great strides

Pilgrimage starts at Brigid's Well in Faughart Co Louth on 28 June and arrives in Kildare on 6 July.


Cardinal Brady celebrates Mass of thanksgiving

Clonmacnois was the place in Ireland which touched St John Paul II most deeply.


John XXIII and John Paul II canonised

St John XXIII defined as “the Pope of openness to the Holy Spirit” and St John Paul II as “the Pope of the Family."


Archbishop recalls Saints John XXIII and John Paul II

Primate of Ireland refuses to respond to polemics of those who caricature two popes.


Pope urges the faithful to think about hope for All Saints

All those who preceded us and died in the Lord are there in heaven with God - Pope Francis.


Columbanus in his own words – Tomás Ó Fiaich

Columbanus was Ireland's first European. Shrines, towns and landmarks across Europe bear Columbanus's name and testify to the widespread diffusion of devotion to the saint.


John Paul II: The path to sainthood

Fr Michael Collins gives an account of the life of Pope John Paul II, his youth and early years in Krakow, how he arranged his daily and apostolic life as Pope.


Walking with the Saints – Jenny Child

'Walking with the Saints' is a collection of inspiring stories and thoughtful prayers based on the lives of the saints for every day of the year.


Words from the heart: Selected from …

Through his intimate experience of Jesus crucified, Paul of the Cross showed his age and ages to come how to interpret reality through and in the light of Christ's Passion.


Catherine of Siena: a passionate life

If you know next to nothing about Catherine of Siena, this most recent biography by Don Brophy of a truly exceptional woman is a good place to start.


Mary MacKillop: the ground of her loving

164 pp. Darton Longman and Todd Ltd. To purchase this book online, go to www.dltbooks.com

After a first chapter on the life of St Mary MacKillop, Margaret Paton delves quite deeply into what inspired this great Australian woman and her devotion to children and to the poor. She also explores MacKillop’s articulate intelligence which [...]


Heart speaks to heart: the story of Blessed John Newman

Pope Benedict will be present in Birmingham at the beatification of Cardinal Newman. Coincidental with this event, Dermot Mansfield SJ has written an excellent and very accessible biography.


Saint Moling Luachra: A pilgrimage from Sliabh Luachra to Rinn Ros Broic above the stream-pools of the Barrow

This is an edition and translation of the 10th century Middle Irish text “The Birth and Life of St Moling” (“Geinemain Moiling ocus a Bhetae”) with analysis and commentary by Presentation Sister and Irish scholar Máire B. de Paor. In approaching this work she warns against looking for objective historical [...]


Saint Antonio Galvao de Franca (1739-1822)

He is the Franciscan priest whom Pope Benedict canonised during his visit to Brazil.


John Henry Newman: a mind alive

Cardinal Newman may be declared “blessed” later this year. But it is difficult to know who he was and what he stood for. Newman preached on some of the controversial issues that still divide Christians. Roderick Strange, Rector of the Pontifical Beda College, Rome, introduces us to the man and [...]


Bernadette of Lourdes: her life, death and visions

In this scholarly biography, Thérèse Taylor places Bernadette in the context of her time. She explains who Bernadette was, and how she lived and died, but takes no position on whether or not her visions were genuine. It sympathetically examines how Bernadette coped with the fame her experience thrust upon [...]


So great a cloud: A record of Christian witness

Stephen Redmond SJ has written a book about saints – from Peter and Paul, Felicity and Perpetua right through to contemporaries of our own, like King Bedouin of the Belgians and Tom Doyle of the Morning Star Hostel, both of whom died in the 1990s. He highlights bits and pieces [...]


Part 2: Patrick’s first Irish ‘sojourn’

Patrick, child of a Christian family, was captured and brought as a slave to pagan Ireland.


Part 1: The relevance of St. Patrick today

The story of St Patrick coming to Ireland is like a photographic negative of the bible story of the prodigal son.

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