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Mar 12 – St Mura of Fahan (550-645 AD)

Mura was a disciple of St Colmcille and was appointed by him as abbot of Othan Mór monastery at Fahan, Co Donegal.


Mar 11 – St Aengus (Oengus) (d. c. 824-824)

St Aengus of Tallaght in the 8th and 9th centuries undertook monastic reforms to more austere forms of prayer, penance and fasting.


Mar 10 – St John Ogilvie SJ (1579-1615)

Condemned for high treason, John was hanged in Glasgow and buried secretly in a criminal's plot, -no relics remain.


Mar 9 – St Dominic Savio (1842-57) youth

St Dominic Savio is the youngest non-martyr to be officially canonised in the Catholic Church. He owes a lot to the influence of his mentor, St [...]


Mar 9 – St Gregory of Nyssa (335-395) bishop/theologian

St Gregory of Nyssa was one of the youngest of a family of ten, five brothers and five sisters, nearly all of whom, including their parents, are honoured as saints. He was strong in his defence of the divinity of Jesus and of the Holy Spirit.


Mar 9 – St Frances of Rome (1384-1440)

Frances, forced into marriag,e lived forty years as wife, mother and house-keeper before she was able to realise her dream of being a nun and ascetic.


Mar 8 – St Senan (6th cent.)

St Senan is associated especially with Scattery Island or Inis Cathaigh, in the estuary of the River Shannon


Mar 7 – Saints Perpetua and Felicity (3rd cent.)

Their execution was intended as entertainment for the crowd, some spectators, inspired by the martyrs' fearlessness, became converts to Christianity.


Mar 6 – St Colette (1381-1447)

Colette gave herself to prayer and penance, and like St Francis, had a deep devotion to Christ's passion as well a love and care for animals.


Mar 5 – St Kieran of Saighir (6th cent.)

Kieran (Irish Ciarán) of Saighir is known as the "first-born of the saints of Ireland"


Mar 4 – St Casimir (1458-84)

Casimir was viceroy of Poland, and from 1481 to 1483 administered the state with great prudence and justice.


Mar 3 – St Katharine Drexel (2)1858-1955

Katharine's great work work was to provide education and training for those who came from the disenfranchised peoples of the United States.


Mar 3 – St Katharine Drexel(1)- 1858-1955- American nun

Summary: An American of Austrian origin, Katharine Drexel (canonised by John Paul II in 2000) inherited a fortune, but chose to spend it on the education and spiritual needs of Afro- and [...]


Mar 2 – St Chad (634- 673)

Thje venerable Bede considered that Chad’s two years as bishop were decisive in christianising Mercia which covered virtually the whole of central Britain.


Mar 1 – St David or Dewi Sant (c. 500–589)

David, Patron of Wales', monastery had a most austere regime. Instead of oxen to pull the plough, the monks had to pull their plough on their own shoulders.


Feb 29 – St John Cassian (360-435)

Cassian's teaching on overcoming the eight evil tendencies were the inspiration behind the way the Irish monks practised asceticism.


Feb 28 – St Oswald (912-992) English monk & bishop

Summary of St Oswald  There are two saints called Oswald in England: one was a king, the other a monk. The king lived in the 7th century in Northumbria: he brought St Aidan to Lindisfarne and his feast is on 5th August. The other was a monk, of danish origin, lived [...]


Feb 27 – St Anne Line (d. 1601)

Anne Line ran a safe house in England for priests and Mass until she was arrested, tried, convicted and hung at Tyburn in 1601AD.


Feb 26 – St Paula Montal (1799-1889)

Paula had little or no education herself and this inspired her to devote herself to work for the education of women at home and abroad.


Feb 25 – St Walburga (d. 779)

Walburga belonged to an extraordinary English family, five of whom are saints. She herself became a missionary abbesss in Germany.


Feb 24 – St Ethelbert (560-616)

King Ethelbert of Kent gave monks a house and allowed them to preach freely. Many were converted, he himself accepted baptism in 601.


Feb 23 – St Polycarp – c69-155Ad

Summary of St Polycarp, Bishop, Martyr. Born about the year 69; died on this day about 155 at Smyrna (Turkey), where he had been the beloved and respected bishop. A disciple of Saint John the apostle, who wrote to the Philippians to strengthen their faith and to defend [...]


Feb 22 – The Chair of Peter

The Chair of St Peter is a metaphor for the service the Pope offers as an authoritative leader of the Church.


Feb 22 – St Margaret of Cortona (1247-97) penitent

Margaret of Cortona is said to have suffered from bi-polar symptoms, that is, sometimes manic and at other times abnormally depressed states in a way that interferes with functioning. Others have described her as a second Mary Magdalene.

Patrick Duffy tells her [...]


Feb 21 – St Peter Damian (11th cent.)

St Peter, a hermit and scholar, denounced clerical sex abuse and was an influential reforming bishop and cardinal.


Feb 20 – St Robert Southwell (1561-95)

Robert was only thirty-three, "the same age as Jesus", as he told his trial judge, when he was condemned to death in England.


Feb 19 – Bl Fra Angelico (1387-1455)

Fra Angelico is probably better known as an artist than as a holy man. Pope John Paul II beatified him in 1982.


Feb 18 – St Colman (605-676)

The Venerable Bede points to the example of Colman's frugality and simplicity of living and his devotion to imparting the Word of God.


Feb 17 – St Fionán (d. 661)

Fionán, abbot of Lindisfarne, was well able to manage the tensions that emerged between the Celtic and Roman ritual expressions of Christianity.


Feb 17 – Seven Servite Founders (1233-1310) friars

Summary of Seven Founders of the Order of Servites, Religious. In 1233 these prominent businessmen from Florence (Italy) withdrew to a life of solitude, prayer, and penance. They developed into an order of mendicant friars (Servants of Mary). Noted for their radical response to the demands of the gospel.

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