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Four seminarians abducted in Nigeria have been identified 

Abductions in the state have become “a big business” though some kidnappings are for religious reasons, – Rev John Joseph Hayab.


Bishop threatens “boys” who want to kidnap him with excommunication

"Until the population dialogues with their children and gives me a written guarantee of the safety of the pastors who work for them, the parishes will remain without pastors,” - Bishop Nkea.


Lack of medication resulted in abducted priest’s death

Fr John Adeyi's decomposing body was found on 23 June in Benue State. The vicar general of St Bernard's Catholic Diocese of Otukpa was seized by armed men on 24 April.


Priest abducted for a second time in Syria

Fr Dhiya Azziz is believed to have been abducted on his way back to his parish for Christmas after a brief visit to his family in Turkey.


IS destroys 5th century catholic monastery in Syria

Militants send message of “violence and intolerance” by destroying symbol of Christianity and encouraging Syria's Christians to flee their homeland: Bishop Audo.


Family relieved as Irish priest released from captivity

Delight in Co Mayo as missionary Fr Billy Sheridan SMA, who was kidnapped north-west Nigeria, released unhurt.


Kidnapped Jesuit is freed in Afghanistan

Indian PM Narendra Modi expresses delight at the release of Fr Alexis Prem Kumar who was kidnapped at gunpoint by suspected Taliban militants on 2 June 2014.


Over ninety more Nigerians kidnapped

"What is happening today lies in the years of corruption and mismanagement of state resources which consigned our citizens to a life of misery and squalor” - Bishop.


Search for kidnapped Nigerian girls scaled down

More than 69 days since schoolgirls were taken from their school by Boko Haram.


Pope calls for an end to war and conflict

Pontiff asks for prayers for an end to injustice towards the hungry and the vulnerable.


Two kidnapped Syrian bishops may still be alive

Turkish intelligence services reportedly have seen the bishops close to border.

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