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SVP elects new national president

“The Society of St Vincent de Paul in Ireland has faced many challenges over its 176 years in the country. But the current COVID-19 pandemic is probably one of the most difficult,” said new president, Rose McGowan.


Joy at Church reopening tinged with disappointment at 50 worshiper limitation

"We will now be in the dreadful position of having to turn some people away from Mass once 50 people are already present,” said Fr Tim Hazelwood of the Association of Catholic Priests.


Post COVID-19 brings the small congregation, mask, and Perspex to Mass

“It may be a different experience when coming to Mass again, but it will have Christ at its centre, and the people of God gathered around the altar. That in itself is worth more than any challenge or inconvenience we face in the days ahead.”


Clonmel church lights up for front-line staff

People were invited to send in requests to have a specific candle lit for their loved ones, and to pay their own tribute to so many on the front line serving their communities up and down the country.


Churches close in latest restrictions in fight against COVID-19

“This action, which is not taken lightly, is ... the only way of guaranteeing that vulnerable people, who might be so inclined to call into the church to pray or light a candle, are more encouraged to stay at home and keep within the regulations” – Bishop Nulty.


Special online Mass for Clonmel Confirmation class

The name of each child who was due to be confirmed on Saturday before the confirmation ceremony was cancelled over the Covid-19 pandemic was read out online, and a candle was placed in front of the altar for each one.


Priest urges people to try and turn a negative into a positive

Fr Michael Toomey has appealed to the public to think about and respect those still working and serving during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Priest urges people to join march for mental health services

Fr Michael Toomey backs call for an acute psychiatric facility for Co. Tipperary, which has the highest suicide level in the country outside of Dublin.


Mass at Holy Year Cross goes ahead despite vandalism

Priest describes vandalism as “a form of persecution and evil” and blames disturbed or troubled individual or individuals for “grotesque actions”.


Clonmel Holy Year Cross pilgrimage to go ahead despite vandal attack

Parishioners were dismayed and disgusted this week when they learned that someone had spray-painted swastika symbols on the cross and nearby oratory.


Minister meets Clonmel priest over south Tipperary suicides

“It is clear that support for mental health and drug prevention is seriously lacking across the whole area,” Fr Michael Toomey warned Minister for Mental Health, Jim Daly.


Young people bring church TV service to Clonmel parish

Already there have been over 10,000 views of the service internationally, and children recently making their First Holy Communion were able to look at the Mass afterwards on the catch-up service.


Meeting investigates beatification cause for young Tipperary priest

Is Fr Colm O’Brien a candidate for sainthood?


Clonmel celebrates ‘Memorial of Mary – Mother of the Church’ feastday

“The Church is feminine” and “she is a mother” Pope Francis tells congregation attending Mass at Casa Santa Marta on 21 May.


New Nuncio for JPII awards in Clonmel

Diocesan coordinator Fr Michael Toomey said he has been astounded at the enthusiasm and commitment all students have put into this award.


Waterford and Lismore convenes special conference on future pastoral needs

The meeting was organised to explore ways in which the diocese can respond to the pastoral needs of parishioners in light of the declining numbers of priests.


Tipperary native delighted to be elected SVP National President

“Social justice is the cornerstone of what we do. I have been strongly involved in social justice at an advocacy level by making pre-budget submissions and I will continue to be involved in that important work,” says Kieran Stafford.


Forty six students for first John Paul II Award in Clonmel

Over 20,000 young people in 21 dioceses throughout Ireland and the UK have successfully completed the Pope John Paul II Award.


Damaged plaster at Clonmel Friary reveals 600 years of history

A fundraising drive will now take place to raise funds to preserve the tower.


Tipperary Co Co honours Spiritans’ education role

Special welcome for Muriel McAuley, grand-daughter of 1916 leader, Thomas McDonagh, who was in Rockwell from 1892 to 1901.

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