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An Garda Síochána

Over 1,400 registered Irish charities involved in advancement of religion

2019 was the year in which the number of registered charities passed ten thousand. Over half (53 per cent) of them, are in the ‘benefit to the community’ category and the next biggest grouping is ‘advancement of education’ while relief of poverty or economic hardship makes up 8.7 per cent.


People experiencing domestic abuse during COVID-19 have a new support

Under Operation Faoisimh, An Garda Síochána has recorded a 25 per cent increase in reports of domestic abuse compared to the same period last year. Already, many refuges are at full capacity – Kelley Bermingham, Community Officer with Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.


Free bus, trains and trams in Dublin for papal mass pilgrims

Plenty of transport planning is needed for the largest event in Ireland in nearly 40 years.


No convictions since introduction of laws against violent sex crime

“We are deeply disappointed that no convictions against sex buyers have been secured under this legislation to date. The law cannot therefore be said to have been fully implemented” – Sarah Benson, CEO, Ruhama.


We cannot relent on safeguarding – Bishop Leahy

“Failure to recognise and respond appropriately to the complex issues which abuse presents has, at times, compounded the profound and harmful impact on the lives of many young and vulnerable persons.”


Crowds flock to Knock in the hope that Our Lady would appear

More than 2,000 extra pilgrims were at the Marian Shrine, following teenager’s claim that Our Lady would appear at 3 pm.


Racism is increasing in Ireland

The very significant levels of fear among those who have been abused because of their race have led to mental health problems, ongoing anxiety, depression, avoidance of public places and normal life, as well as loss of confidence and work and study opportunities.


Courage of unarmed Gardaí praised by Bishop of Elphin

“Being unarmed does seem to suggest that, as a matter of policy, Gardaí will seek to respond to crime in a non-violent way. By doing this, they contribute to reducing the level of violence, rather than escalating it.”


Ruhama welcomes arrest of traffickers but not of trafficked

“There needs to be a consistent approach that supports those in prostitution and where we see pimps and other exploiters being prosecuted, not the women,” Ruhama said.


Call by Bishop Brennan to stop human trafficking

Annual profits generated from trafficking in humans are as high as $32 billion (€29.1 billion) as 2.4 million people are trafficked globally.


Ruhama helped 88 victims of sex trafficking in 2014

"This Christmas Day, while most of us settle down to a meal with loved ones, many women will be in brothels waiting for a call from their next buyer".


May God reward him & comfort all of you in your grief

Message of sympathy from Archbishop Eamon Martin read at the Funeral Mass of slain Garda, Anthony Golden.


Primate offers prayers for victims of Louth shootings

Archbishop Eamon Martin describes double shooting as a "tragic incident which has devastated families" & rocked a "peaceful parish community.”


Clergy seek to reduce road carnage with blessing

Special ceremony to take place at religious services on Easter Sunday throughout County Mayo.


Human trafficking is a real problem in Ireland

Archbishop tells members of Oireachtas and Diplomatic Corps that hidden in Irish society is a serious problem of people who are the victims of trafficking.


Unions condemn sex workers’ exploitation

Globally trafficking for sexual exploitation puts $99 billion into the pockets of criminals each year.


Foster peace and reconciliation Archbishop urges

Children of wars among the largest group of victims in 2013.

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