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Parish incomes rise in Dublin reveal Share Sunday financial reports

"The people of the diocese have been very generous over these years in supporting Share even at moments of serious economic difficulties. I thank you for that generosity and I encourage you to continue in the support given to Share," says Archbishop Martin


Mission Conference and Mass in NI this weekend

The response to Pope Francis’ Extraordinary Missionary Month has been hugely successful in the Catholic Church across the world - The Irish News.


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Irish schools take part in Children’s Day of Mission Prayer

Encouraging children to pray for other children is a key part of the work of the Society of Missionary Children.


Welcome and reservations for measures in Budget 2019

“Today was a step in the right direction, but we have a long way to go” – SVP.


VIDEO: Pope Francis – An Irish Welcome

An inspirational 2-CD collection available on the online Shop in this website


LAUDATO SI – Saving our Common Home and the Future of Life on Earth

Two-day International Conference "Saving our common home and the future of life on Earth". Vatican City, 5-6 July 2018, hosted by the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development.


Doctors for Life – Dr Ronan Cleary

Dr Ronan Cleary on the 8th Amendment


Video-Dr Niall Maguire-Abortions will take priority over every other gynecological procedure

“Each surgical abortion will take priority over all other gynecological or obstetric services because you can’t have a waiting list for an abortion. This is estimated to be approximately 2,000 within one year if the 8th Amendment is repealed.” Source: Save the 8th


Video – John Bruton says Vote No

“The proposed legislation would allow the abortion of a healthy baby from a healthy mother for any reason at all in the first 3 months of a 9 month pregnancy. It also allows for the abortion of a healthy baby in the first 6 months of a 9 month pregnancy if the mother’s mental health


Video – Abortion and Mental Health

Source: Irishdoctorsforlife.com


Choose Life 2018 – Newsletter Issue #15

“Defending the right to life of the unborn is the most important social justice issue of our time. It will shape the kind of Ireland we live in for years to come.” Finola Bruton is chair of the Parish Pastoral Council of Dunboyne & Kilbride.


Choose Life 2018 – Newsletter Issue #14

“We’re in unprecedented times with constantly changing social and moral values. Our contribution to our families, the Church and society has never been more important.” Catherine Wiley, from Mayo, is founder of the Catholic Grandparents Association.


Choose Life 2018 – Newsletter Issue #13

“In my 40 years of practice I’ve seen many difficult cases but I’ve never felt the Eighth Amendment had a negative impact on the safe practice of medicine.” Dr John Monaghan is a retired obstetrician and gynaecologist.


Choose Life 2018 – Newsletter Issue #12

“It is not easy to be pro-life as a medical student. Some may criticise my stance, others may support me, but I chose a career in medicine to save lives.” Clare Crowley, 27, is a final year medical student at the University of Limerick.


Choose Life 2018 – Newsletter Issue #11

"Some people say you can’t be a feminist unless you support abortion. Yet there are many women like me who consider ourselves feminists but also respect life from conception.” Emma Sisk, from Co. Tipperary, is a communications officer for the Irish Bishops’ Conference


Choose Life 2018 – Newsletter Issue #10

"If the Eighth Amendment is repealed it will have en impact, not only on the general public, but those of us working on the health sector whose duty is always to save lives." Eilish Butler, 27, is a nurse from Innishannon. Co. Cork


Choose Life 2018 – Newsletter Issue #9

“The doctors told us our baby had a ‘fatal foetal abnormality’ and that they were 100% certain that our baby wouldn’t live. We were told there was no hope at all.” Sinéad McBreen with her daughter Grace from Bailieborough, Co. Cavan


Choose Life 2018 – Newsletter Issue #8

“I’m challenged on my views a lot because I’m a man. There are some who feel I shouldn’t have an opinion. As a father, I say we should all have a voice in this debate. It’s a family issue at heart” Séan Feeney with his son Aaron from Castleknock, Dublin 15


Choose Life 2018 – Newsletter Issue #7

“I’m so thankful the Eighth Amendment was there to protect me from making a quick and rash decision when I was experiencing a crisis pregnancy” Emma Maloney, 25, from Co. Kildare, pictured with her son Rossa


Choose Life 2018 – Newsletter Issue #6

“To be a mother is an opportunity for a lifetime of love. To be a mother to a baby with a terminal illness is no less a privilege. It is an extraordinary opportunity for a deep and lasting love.” Clíona Johnson, from Dublin, whose son John Paul lived for just 17 minutes


Choose Life 2018 – Newsletter Issue #5

“As a society we need to ensure that every human life is loved and protected, especially at its most vulnerable and defenceless stage” Luke Silke, 19, is a writer and historian from Co Galway


Choose Life 2018 – Newsletter Issue #4

“We are proud that the Eighth Amendment represented by Article 40.3.3 of the Constitution creates a truly equal society, recognising both the rights of the mother and the unborn.” James and Ann-Marie Mahon from Tullamore, Co. Offaly


Choose Life 2018 – Newsletter Issue #3

“I hope that together we can work towards protecting Ireland’s Eighth Amendment. It is a law that has protected hundreds of thousands of Irish lives.” Sarah Moynihan, 21, is a student from Co. Meath.


Choose Life 2018 – Newsletter Issue #2

“As a man it can be difficult to discuss the idea of abortion when it is so commonly referred to as a ‘woman’s right’. Men can often feel like they should remain silent on the issue.” Richie Fenton, 28, is an architect from Co. Waterford.


Choose Life 2018 – Newsletter Issue #1

“I think we really need to stand up and shed light on what we have in our Irish culture, which is a very deep respect and love for all our citizens whether born or unborn.” Tracy Harkin, from Co. Down, with daughter Kathleen Rose


Lent Week 1, Thursday

Obedience is a central theme in the Book of Deuteronomy. However, unlike the rigid understanding of obedience as fulfilling orders and commands in order to avoid penalties, here we have obedience expressed through love. Love and obedience set us free from what can be a tiny and selfish environment, and enable us to choose life


Sunday 24 DEC ADVENT 4

Don’t let the Lord pass by The message delivered by an Angel, not by email or a text, is a profound message that shows the faith of Mary and her ability to recognise time. Pope Francis in his Angelus Address on 21st December 2014 reminds us of Mary’s role in our redemption, and how we


St Brendan, Abbot -AD 486-578

St Brendan of Kerry There is very little secure information concerning Brendan’s life, although at least the approximate dates of his birth and death, and accounts of some events in his life, are found in the Irish annals and genealogies. The first mention of Brendan occurs in Adamnan’s Vita Sancti Columbae, written between 679 and

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