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religious education

Diocese of Limerick hiring a “Pastoral Outreach and Formation Worker”

Essential requirements for the role(s) available include relevant qualification or experience in catechetics, religious education, theology, leadership, pastoral care or youth ministry.


New book records voices of young people on religion and education

“Young people, parents, schools and faith communities will find this book an invaluable resource in reflecting on how the interaction between religion and education can contribute to the fullest development of young people in Ireland today, both spiritually and morally,” said Dr Gareth Byrne.


Nine hundred delegates expected to attend Derry conference on religious education

"Our teachers are very much at the coal face in a society where there is so much pain, so much anger and so much distress."


Bishop clarifies Church appeal on opt-out students

“Our concern is that in schools we are involved in, if religious education is not taken as a subject, we would want the issue of ethics, heritage and so on, to be considered,” says Bishop Leahy.


Religious education key in appreciating diversity

“Whether young people are practising a faith or not, there is an enormous value for them in having the space in the school to look at spiritual, moral and religious questions,” says Dr Gareth Byrne.


Cast out fear with Gospel love, says Bishop of Limerick

To counter terrorism, we must “keep reminding each other of high ideals and have the courage to speak of them and promote them”.


New religion and ethics course is “one initiative too many”

Approach of ERBE course could undermine ethos of faith schools and cause confusion says Catholic Primary School Management Association.


Religious education transmits a “holistic world view”

Getting rid of religion in primary schools will not solve curriculum overload problem – Catholic Primary Schools Management Association.


Diocese of Kerry conference to discuss the teaching of religion in post primary schools

Speakers to address how religious education plays a vital role in supporting young people.


Mgr Michael Ryan appointed administrator in Ossory

He has already served as Administrator of the Diocese for a period in 2007 following the retirement of Bishop Laurence Forstall.


Bishops respond to Minister’s rescinding of Rule 68

“We wish to assure parents that the Minister’s announcement does not alter the ethos of Catholic schools" - Bishops' Council for Education.


Rule 68 abolition another attack on faith schools

“A faith school has a right to have a faith-based ethos. Parents have a right to send their children to a school with a faith ethos that can permeate the school day”.


Catholics need to protect religious ethos of schools

Without a conscious effort to maintain a distinctly Catholic ethos, it can dissolve into non-descript and vague spiritualism or disappear entirely.


Grandparents can play a key role in catechesis

Bishop Brendan Leahy urges grandparents to help their grandchildren in the faith at 2015 Catholic Grandparents Pilgrimage in Knock.


Concerns over the teaching of RE in Irish schools

Report by UCC academics says there needs to be a very significant improvement in the teaching of RE as many pupils and some teachers see it as a doss subject.


Postpone confirmation until 16 urges Bishop Leahy

Confirmation often appears like a “pre-fabricated cultural package of Irish heritage we are born into" to be discarded later in life as part of our throwaway culture.


Most Catholic schools are inclusive: Archbishop

"There is no divine right to a Catholic near-monopoly in education in Ireland."


CSP rejects Education Minister’s inclusivity claim

Examples of inclusivity in schools in practically every parish in the country: Fr Drumm of CSP.


Key Vatican education expert pays tribute to Irish monks

Demand for Catholic education growing: 60m students attend 200,000 catholic schools worldwide.


Church leaders defend religious education in schools

Good religious education is a “fundamental part of the DNA of a pluralist system”.


Priests Association accuse Minister of undermining religious education

Faith formation should be part of educational curriculum, though sacramental preparation may shift to parish.


Archbishop hits out at culture of celebrity and empty spin

Modesty in lifestyle undermined as people are tempted into a false view of life based on spin.


Archbishop defines some of the aims of Catholic education

Catholic education must reach out to those with unmet educational needs.


Archbishop calls for debate on denominational education

“Religion and politics need to converse if education is to flourish rather than flounder."

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