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Assisted suicide bill for Dáil

To those who advocate for ‘death with dignity’ Prof Des O’Neill responded that human dignity cannot be lost through disability, disease, dependency, or suffering. However he added that: “insensitive treatment or attitudes to those so affected can constitute undignified care,” and issues such as adequacy of treatment and support should be properly addressed.


Primate calls for a rebuilding of trust in the wake of GE2019

Archbishop Eamon Martin urges people and parties of different political perspectives “to progress peace", tackle poverty and homelessness, tackle the pressure on hospitals and schools, and "to promote a culture of life.”


Calls for Citizens’ Assembly to recommend school patronage reforms

"Catholic schools are most welcoming of people of different faiths. This is not a reason for maintaining patronage of most of the primary schools in the country, when more and more people want something else." – Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin


Catholic caucus for UK Labour Party at Brighton next week

There are 3.8 million Catholic voters in England and Wales and Labour will ignore them at its peril.


Pro life groups reject support by Dr Rhona Mahony for repeal of Eighth Amendment

Tanya Coonan stated that while some doctors and midwives showed “extraordinary compassion”, others were too quick to push parents towards abortion, and this needs to change.


Large majority in UK wants abortion time limit reduced

Surprise finding in ComRes poll – women in UK want to make abortion more restrictive, reduce time limits, have more counselling and give more support to women who want to continue pregnancies but are under financial pressure to have an abortion.


PLC welcomes Limerick vote on 8th amendment

Councillors vote by 23-12 against a call for a repeal of the 8th Amendment which provides for a constitutional ban on abortion.


Pro Life Campaign questions election promises

Taoiseach refuses to commit to repealing 8th Amendment while Tánaiste confirms repeal of the Amendment will be part of Labour's manifesto.


Church to review civil role in marriage after vote

“Will those who continue to sincerely believe that marriage is between a man and a woman be forced to act against their faith and conscience?”


PLC: Poll results on abortion “not surprising”

Sunday Independent poll shows 56% support referendum to repeal 8th Amendment; 60% support abortion in the case of suicide; 69% support it in case of rape.


PLC criticises Government over abortion guidelines

Abortion is now legal in Ireland up to birth based on a threat of suicide PLC warns.


Most Catholic schools are inclusive: Archbishop

"There is no divine right to a Catholic near-monopoly in education in Ireland."


No demand for same sex referendum Iona director warns

“Labour keep pushing for this – they want it but the public doesn’t want it" warns David Quinn.


Labour TD urges Tánaiste to re-open Vatican embassy

Ireland should consider re-appointing a resident ambassador to the Vatican Deputy Michael McNamara suggests.

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