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Every Life Counts

Save the Eighth rally: most important pro life rally ever

Down’s Syndrome advocate to address Saturday’s march.


Pro life groups reject support by Dr Rhona Mahony for repeal of Eighth Amendment

Tanya Coonan stated that while some doctors and midwives showed “extraordinary compassion”, others were too quick to push parents towards abortion, and this needs to change.


Parents angry and dismayed at NI abortion bill

Term ‘fatal abnormality’ is “medically meaningless and used to dehumanise babies” – Every Life Counts.


Can we please focus on perinatal hospice care?

When your child may not live long, time is all-important. Hospice care gives you time: Every Life Counts.


Every Life Counts questions UN committee abortion ruling

"It is appalling to see the UN Committee on Human Rights pressing for abortion on disability grounds. Surely very sick babies deserve special protection not abortion" - Tracy Harkin.


RTE must ‘rein in’ Ray D’Arcy warns PLC

Broadcasting Authority of Ireland upholds another complaint of media bias by The Ray D’Arcy Show in its treatment of the issue of abortion.


Count down to Rally for Life in Dublin

This year's theme is ‘Every Life Matters’ because children with disabilities and those with life limiting conditions are being targeted warns rally organiser Ide Nic Mhatuna.


Mothers lend support to Private Members Bill

Independent TD Mattie Mc Grath is seeking a discontinuation of the ‘incompatible with life’ label for children diagnosed with a life limiting condition.


Hope conference to address euthanasia concerns

Where laws enabling assisted suicide and euthanasia have been introduced, very quickly they are extended to those who are not terminally ill but disabled.


‘Incompatible with life’ label prevents best care

"The doctors made me feel I wasn't carrying a beautiful little girl, but merely a mass of disfigured cells that was supposed to be a baby but wasn't."


Irish families to launch global campaign at the UN

Initiative aims to end disability discrimination caused by ‘incompatible with life’ label.


SF votes for ‘limited’ abortion at party conference

Organisation supporting parents of children with terminal illnesses accuses Sinn Féin of following the British abortion model.


Bill seeks abortion for fatal foetal abnormality

Targeting babies with 'fatal foetal abnormalities' will threaten all children with disabilities, warns Every Life Counts.


Every Life Counts rejects Minister’s Dáil comments

Description of babies diagnosed fatal foetal abnormalities as "dead" criticised by support group for parents of children diagnosed with a terminal condition.

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