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Consultant obstetrician concerned over “false allegation”

According to Dr Mary Holohan the “medical needs of the mother do not require removal of the Eighth Amendment” but “there appears to be a campaign strategy to create a contrary impression."


Former minister pays tribute to late Kerry writer and priest

Jimmy Deenihan described Fr Pat Moore as a priest “in the truest sense of the vocation whose drive, vision and warmth transformed the life of the parishes he ministered in”.


Citizens’ convention is a smokescreen: Bishop Doran

"Any government which seeks to legalise the taking of innocent human life betrays its sacred trust and is guilty of a crime against humanity.”


The Edge is first rock star to perform in Sistine Chapel

“When they asked if I wanted to be the first contemporary artist to play in the Sistine Chapel, I didn't know what to say because usually there's this other guy who sings.”


Church bells toll for Chernobyl on 30th anniversary

Service organised by the Greater Chernobyl Cause charity in association with Cork City Council recalls those worst affected by 1986 nuclear disaster.


Rose of Tralee volunteered in Lourdes in July

“I have great faith and I wanted to give something back and to give thanks."


6,000 read priest’s faith blog as he battles illness

Priest of the diocese of Kerry blogs about his battle with esophagus cancer.


We have a duty to care for the elderly: Pope

Pope Francis encourages healthcare professionals and medical students to specialise in palliative care.


President Higgins pays tribute to family carers

The achievement of Ireland's 187,000 family carers "are born of a spirit of giving to others."


Church will introduce married priests within 20 years

ACP's Fr Brendan Hoban warns, it is “now mathematically certain that Irish priests are an endangered species."


Irish priest’s role in Toronto education recalled

Spiritan priest Fr John Geary made “an incredible contribution to Catholic education in the city of Toronto”.


Vatican really upset my health: Fr Brian Darcy

Inability to cope with the stress of church censure "gave me cancer”.


Irish Church marks Day for Life & Rosary Sunday

Bishop Leahy pays tribute to Donal Walsh who “encouraged us all to really value the gift of every moment.”


CofI Primate argues against assisted dying

Archbishop Clarke describes Lord Carey's position as "perplexing".

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