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Archbishop Richard Clarke

Parishes urged to donate blood as a community

FleshandBlood (FaB) campaign launches in Dublin with the aim of mobilising parishes to become more actively involved in donating blood and organs.


Cathedral gift wrapped for blood & organ donation

Massive red ribbon launches FleshandBlood campaign highlighting the thousands of people who benefit from blood donation and the lives transformed by organ donation.


Church leaders appeal for blood and organ donors

"Your blood could help save a life" - Blood Transfusion Services need 30,000 new or returning donors each year.


Don’t take peace for granted: Archbishop Clarke

Church leaders attend ecumenical carols with students from both communities in Armagh.


Quiz political leaders on their vision of hope: Clarke

Church of Ireland Primate gives presidential address at Armagh diocesan synod.


Euthanasia can become a “duty to die”: Archbishop

On Church's Day for Life, Bishops cite inspiring example of Kerry teenager Donal Walsh and urge people to 'live life!'


Religious leaders react to death of Ian Paisley

Without Dr Paisley “peace would not have been delivered” - Cardinal Brady.


CofI Primate argues against assisted dying

Archbishop Clarke describes Lord Carey's position as "perplexing".


Archbishop Clarke marks outbreak of World War I

Memorialising must consider violence, carnage, and suffering of the innocent in Gaza, Israel, Syria, Ukraine and Iraq today, Church of Ireland Primate suggests.


CofI Primate calls for prayers for Mosul’s Christians

Forced expulsion, violence and intimidation by ISIL militants described as "deeply distressing" by Archbishop Richard Clarke.


CoI Primate “hopeful for future rapprochement” in North

Bishop Treanor warns of “disengagement" by many in churches from work of reconciliation.


New CofI Bishop of Meath and Kildare to be announced in September

House of Bishops to make appointment following failiure of Electoral College to agree.


New app provides visitor information on Armagh’s cathedrals

App is designed to encourage visitors to explore the city's two magnificent cathedrals.

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