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Bishop and President of Maynooth concerned by racism

“A new language of racism, mostly opportunistic, understated, but no less toxic, has emerged in our public and political discourse, stoking hostility towards the ‘other’ and testing our own sense of hospitality for the first time,” warned Fr Michael Mullaney.


Parishioners urged to ‘share with the hungry’

This weekend, the third Sunday of Advent, the faithful in Kildare & Leighlin are invited to take home from church a Christmas card with a greeting from Bishop Denis Nuty and a trolley coin keyring with the message ‘Share with the hungry’.


Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference discusses refugees, homelessness and Advent

"We encourage all Catholics to make time during the season of Advent to celebrate and receive the gift of God’s love in the Sacrament of Reconciliation” – Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference.


New family prayer card launched alongside pastoral message

Archbishop Michael Neary explained that many families, though under pressure with work and life demands, had asked for something to help them to pray.


New impetus needed to provide housing, says bishop in Christmas message

“Very many are under great strain because accommodation and housing is scarce or beyond their reach. A new political impetus is required along with real determination to make inroads into this critical need in so many people’s lives” – Bishop William Crean, Cloyne.


Bishops’ online Advent calendar has more features than ever

"Advent also prepares us for the second coming of Christ at the end of time. As Christians, we must always be prepared for the coming of the Lord." – Archbishop Eamon Martin.


Get ready for Christmas with the Society of Missionary Children

Schools and families can enjoy an Advent calendar for children, Advent teaching resources for schools and homes, and enter a Christmas-themed colouring competition.


Special focus on the family for 2018 Advent Calendar

An opportunity to “reflect on the visit of Pope Francis to Ireland last August when he invited us to welcome Christ in the bits and pieces, the ordinary moments of everyday life” – Archbishop Eamon Martin.


Online Advent calendar launched by Archbishop of Armagh

Put Christ to the centre of our Christmas preparations during this special liturgical season


Presentation Brothers’ ‘Monday at the Monastery’ talks a big hit

The Presentation Brothers are really trying to re-engage with their mission, which is to form Christ in the young, and the way that they do that is through youth ministry and evangelisation.


The world is full of people crying out for healing

"Events from the past must be commemorated with mercy and never with arrogance, triumphalism or victimhood” - Bishop Donal McKeown.


Tree festival brings Christmas story to the community

175-year-old Church of Ireland parish hosts display of 49 trees, each of which represents a verse from the Bible, telling the Christmas story in a “unique and enchanting way”.


Archbishop Eamon launches online Advent Calendar

“This year, the beginning of our Catholic new year will coincide with our preparations for a Jubilee Year of Mercy."


Pioneers promote November pledge among students

Interest among university students in short-term pledge welcomed by Pioneers as country reels over death of four-year-old Ciaran Treacy.


Boring long sermons? Tell the priest!

Homiletic directory gives guidelines for preaching but the most important thing is 'authenticity of preaching' says Director of Priory Institute, Fr John Littleton.


Rise in numbers taking Pioneer pledge this Lent

"Unfortunately we live very much in a drink-fuelled society and it is a constant battle to win the hearts and minds of people, young people especially.”


Kildare & Leighlin sow seeds this Christmas

Parishioners invited to take a packet of chamomile seeds for their home and one for someone they would like to reach out to.


Irish writer launches new book on Mother Teresa

Saint of the Gutters had a great love of Christmas and Advent in particular.


‘Messiah’ returns to Whitefriar Street

New choir was formed just over seven weeks ago to meet the challenge of learning the music for a performance on 29 November.


Pope Francis appeals on behalf of homeless families

“Family and home go together.”


Church in Ireland on the way to renewal: Archbishop Martin

Archbishop notes churches are increasingly filled and parishes have a renewed enthusiasm.


Photo of Pope sent to Kildare homes in Reach Out campaign

"Meet everyone, include them, welcome them," Bishop Denis Nulty urges local parishes.


Bishops launch new online Advent calendar

Faithful urged to make time to pray alone and with loved ones during Advent.


Archbishop Martin deplores knife and gun culture

Church leader expresses “horror” at brutal killing in the Phoenix Park.


SVP spent €40m in 2013 assisting those in poverty

Those affected include people in low-paid employment and the self-employed.


Origins and development of Advent


Vincent Ryan OSB

When the feast of the nativity of the Lord was introduced to Rome in the early years of the fourth century, it was celebrated as a simple memorial and was not preceded by a period of preparation. It was not until about the [...]


A time of waiting: images and insights

Anne Thurston explores the season of Advent using the themes of waiting and longing, hope and expectation. Pregnancy is the potent symbol here, along with stories of annunciations and visitations.


Days of the Lord: from Advent 2009 to before Advent 2010

Again this year the Cloyne Commission for Liturgical Formation, in conjunction with Fr. Patrick Jones of the National Centre for Liturgy, editor of the Liturgical Calendar for Ireland 2009, has produced a beautifully coloured and comprehensive liturgical wall calendar.

It displays at a glance all the liturgical feasts and saints days for the [...]


Liturgical Resources for Advent and Christmastide Years A, B and C

Fr Thomas O’Loughlin offers a treasure trove of extra resources, insights and practical suggestions for the liturgy of every Sunday and major feastday in the seasons of Advent and Christmastide for the three-year cycle. It is ideal for celebrants, coordinators of liturgy and interested layfolk.


The Advent Calendar

Written by Steven Croft, this evolving Advent tale can be read on many levels and is suitable for adults and children alike. It is packed with codes and secrets and invites the reader to explore the deeper meanings of Advent and Christmas.

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