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Govt urged to send diplomatic mission to Syria

President of Caritas Syria, Bishop Antoine Audo SJ, describes conditions in Aleppo, ravaged by four years of conflict.


Church’s future lies in small faith communities: priest

Fr Neal Carlin sets out the story of the Columba Community in Derry in new book.


Bishops welcome new political talks in N Ireland

"Keep the shared hopes of present and future generations for a more reconciled and prosperous future to the forefront".


Religious leaders react to death of Ian Paisley

Without Dr Paisley “peace would not have been delivered” - Cardinal Brady.


Pope speaks in Korea about the quest for peace

Reconciliation and stability needed for lasting peace Pontiff underlines.


Linking violence to God is perverse: Tauran

Religious leaders must be at the forefront of efforts to promote peace in their societies.


Church leaders and NI Secretary of State meet

Issues such as health, education, employment and welfare the immediate priority of many.


South Africa filled with gratitude for Madiba: Cardinal

"Though Mandela was not a Catholic, much of what he did and stood for is very much in line with Catholic Social Teaching," Archbishop of Durban states.


Bishop Leahy thanks abuse victims who hung on to faith

Morale among Irish priests “very challenged” by abuse scandals.


So you can’t forgive…? moving toward freedom

Brian Lennon SJ worked for many years with people affected by conflict in Northern Ireland and elsewhere. In a way that is both compassionate and challenging, he explains the myths and misunderstandings of what forgiveness is and the demands that society often puts on those who have suffered. He then [...]


Why do Catholics still go to Confession?

A brief note on the Sacrament of Reconciliation. It is a celebration of the forgiveness of God, and it helps us to put the the past behind us and go forward in optimism.


Forgive and forget

You don’t have to be long in the tooth before forgiveness may become a real and demanding issue in your life. Many young people are confronted with friends or adults who are disloyal to them or who hurt them in other ways. Below are some stories of young people coming [...]


The healing name

Healing nun Briege McKenna talks to Teresa Nerney about how miracles do happen.


Free to forgive

“An eye for an eye leaves the whole country blind,” said Gandhi. People who despite tragedy and atrocity have found in themselves the freedom to reconcile or forgive is the focus of an exhibition discussed here by Michael Fogarty.


Continuous renewal

“In the sacrament of reconciliation we have a special instance of the Lord’s gracious invitation to approach him with confidence in our difficulties.” Fr Bernard McGuckian answers some of the queries of an inquirer.


A happy homecoming

Patricia writes: I don’t feel comfortable going to the sacrament of penance, so I receive Holy Communion, even if I am in a state of mortal sin. I am a weak person, and I try to draw strength from the Body of Christ within me. Surely God wouldn’t mind me [...]


Forgive and forget

Michael asks: “I have been hurt and let down by a close friend in the past. I am obliged to forgive that person, which I have done. But I cannot forget the pain she caused me, and I am reminded of it every time I see her. I relive the [...]


So you can’t forgive?

In this article, Brian Lennon SJ tells us that forgiving is a journey. It is wrong to say that Christian forgiving is only about loving our enemies. It is about more than that. It is also about challenging wrongdoers, and about separation from evil.


The land of unlikeness: exploration into reconciliation

David Stevens, who has long experience of community work in Northern Ireland, explores the meaning of reconciliation in troubled communities and how it can be achieved.

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