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Orange Order

DUP’s Donaldson to take part in Ecumenical Bible Week

Now in its sixth year, the theme this year is ‘Always Be Ready’ from 1 Peter 3:15 – Always be Ready to give an answer for the hope that you possess.


Arson attack on Derry Church condemned

“This was not only an attack on a church, but as a peace-hungry society, this was an attack on all of us.”


Orange Order parades in Glasgow banned from passing a Catholic church

Police Scotland said that if the march was not rerouted, officers from across the country would need to be drafted into Glasgow.


Priest spat on and assaulted by Orangemen in Glasgow

“No march that ends with such scenes should be allowed on that route in future.” – Mike Russell, Scottish National Party


R.I.P. is ‘too Catholic’ for the Orange Order

The phrase ‘Rest in Peace’ goes back to the very earliest days of the Church – with the words ‘dormit in pace’ found on Christian tombs from the 4th century.


Northern Ireland UKIP leader calls for end of Orange Order ban on members attending Catholic Mass

David McNarry said that the Orange Order should promote a discussion on the ban and admitted that he himself had attended Mass at the funerals of friends.


Catholic college in Belfast hosts Orange Order seminar

“We have put in place a project enabling our geography students to learn more about the Order, the traditions of that culture and to enable them to see another perspective.”


4 Corners Festival for an open Belfast

“We gave a subtitle to the 4 Corners Festival - ‘Bringing Belfast Together’. We want people to see that everybody is welcome in every part of the city.”


Bishop condemns attack on Oratory in NI

Crosses, statues, pews and windows smashed in “act of pointless destruction”.


Claims bishop rebuffed invitation from Orange Order denied

Spokesman for Down & Connor says no “private invitation” was received by Bishop.


Catholic Church in Harryville to be demolished

Leaking roof and structural problems make cost of repair prohibitive.


CofI Primate dismayed by Belfast violence and disorder

Abusing or endangering the lives of PSNI officers "wholly unacceptable".

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