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Christmas message 2019 from Bishop Kevin Doran

My thoughts turn to families in our own diocese who have welcomed the birth of a child during this past year and to those who are expecting a baby in the near future – Bishop Kevin Doran.


Bishop Doran pays tribute to Knock’s visionaries

The witnesses “were ordinary people who lived in a very ordinary little village” and included “men, women and children ranging in age from four-year-old John Curry (who spoke no Irish) to Bridget Trench in her seventies (who spoke no English).”


Eucharistic adoration to become more prevalent as Mass numbers decline

“In the future when weekday and even Sunday Mass is not available, some of you might be formed to lead a period of guided adoration with prayers, praise and sharing of the Word of God.”


Ballinasloe to host major conference on Fatima and the Immaculate Heart of Mary

At Fatima, one century ago, Our Lady called for reparation for sins committed against Her Immaculate Heart.


Cavan footballer to speak at Mary Untier of Knots novena

Alan O’Mara, author of ‘The Best is Yet to Come: A Memoir about Football & Finding a Way through the Dark’, will speak about his own mental health experiences.


Pope officially proclaims Jubilee Year of Mercy

As a sign of communion of the whole Church, the Pope has requested that every diocese in the world open a 'Door of Mercy' for local celebrations of the Jubilee year.


Lourdes: a vision of what society & church should be

“I ask why our society in many areas is uncaring," Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.


Women must have expanded presence in the Church

Mary, Pope Francis underlines, will show women the path to understanding their role within society.


Mary and the new Evangelisation – Father Paul Churchill

Fr Paul Churchill addresses the topic of Mary and the new Evangelisation – the second of two IEC2012 workshops led by the Legion of Mary.


Unlikely inspiration

Two unexpected visitors to Fr Brendan Comerford SJ are what he calls his “unlikely inspiration” for his article about Mary. Like them, she is our “unselfconscious exemplar”.


The Rosary

Garry Wills believes that the Rosary, all twenty mysteries, is a form of devotion ideally suited to the modern world, when so many are seeking a form of contemplation, spiritual renewal and calm. It contains reflective meditations and lavish illustrations by Tintoretto


Palace of the Popes

Martin Gani visits Avignon and learns about the infamous “Babylonian Captivity”.


Blessed among women: The Book of Mary

Peter de Rosa’s dips into our favourite Marian prayers, poems and hymns, both ancient and modern. There are chapters on Mary’s many titles, the Rosary, and on Ireland’s faithfulness to it. We also get a glimpse of how great Protestants like Martin Luther, and Muslims like the Prophet Mohammed thought of her.


The Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin

In 1850, Dom Prosper Gueranger OSB, at the invitation of Pope Pius IX, wrote a book which the Pope used as the basis of the Constitution “Ineffabalis Deus” which defined the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception, on 8th December 1854. This article of a little over 4,000 words was written sometime after the event of


Revisiting the Rosary

This is the Year of the Rosary, and October is the Month of the Rosary. Last October, Pope John Paul II announced five new mysteries, to be added to the traditional fifteen mysteries: Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious. Called the ‘Mysteries of Light’, the new mysteries focus on Jesus’ years in public ministry. Here, Richard N.


A listening and humble church

In this public lecture, Diarmuid Martin, Coadjutor Archbishop of Dublin, assesses the need for change and renewal in the Church, looking especially at the necessity for the Church to listen and be humble, after the model of the Virgin Mary, mother of the Church.


There’s something about Mary

Veneration of the Blessed Mother has been a central characteristic of the Catholic tradition. Noted theologian Lawrence Cunningham sketches out some fundamental elements for a renewed, contemporary Marian devotion.


The Immaculate Conception

Henry Peel OP sketches the events of December 8, 1854, when Pope Pius IX proclaimed the Immaculate Conception a dogma.


A subversive devotion

Mary, an obscure but feisty young woman from Nazareth, continues to have a powerful hold on the Catholic imagination. Rosemary Houghton writes.


Mary, Mother of Japan

Gerry Bourke SJ recalls his experience of devotion to Mary in Japan; he notes that it has been hugely important to Japanese Catholics going all the way back to the time of St Francis Xavier.


Mary as model

Declan Marmion SM reflects on Mary as the model of faithfulness and generosity in following Christ. He stresses the need to see Mary as a disciple and pilgrim of the early Church who was called to sanctity and to action.


Nightingale Mountain

Did Our Lady spend her last days in a small mountainside house overlooking Ephesus? Donald Carroll looks at the background to a great archaeological find near Kushadasi on the Aegean coast of Turkey.


Our Lady of Clonfert

Bishop John Kirby maintains that some ancient statues of the Madonna carved from local trees are proof that devotion to Our Lady of Clonfert dates back over 700 years.


Mary: the pre-eminent disciple

In what it has to say about Mary Vatican II inserted a special chapter into the Constitution on the Church “Lumen Gentium”. By this it was signalling that it wished Mary to be seen as a prototype of the disciples of Jesus. Philip Fogarty SJ develops this spirituality.


Filling a gap? the “mysteries of light” in the Rosary?

In 2002 Pope John Paul II suddenly introduced five new “mysteries of light” to the Rosary. Was it that he recognised that there was “a gap” in the traditional Christian faith statements, like the Apostles’ Creed and used the popular devotion of the Rosary to try to remedy it? Patrick Duffy thinks the Pope’s action


The Rosary: when words fail us

This article on the Rosary is taken from John Follan’s book, “The Light of his Face: Spirituality for Catholic teachers”. It brings out how, despite the agro the recitation of the Rosary causes in families, it can be found to have a significant place.


The Teacher’s Rosary

This article is a chapter from John Bollan’s book on religious education, “The Light of His Face: Spirituality for Catholic teachers”. I consists of reflections on the mysteries which, as he says himself, “cross over into any sphere of life and work”.

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