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Fr Joseph Mallin SJ, the last surviving child of a 1916 leader, has died

In his last letter before being executed in Kilmainham Gaol, Cmdt Michael Mallin wrote: “Joseph, my little man, be a priest, if you can.”


Oxfam lists Ireland as tax haven

Ireland is part of a toxic global tax system servicing the very wealthiest while ordinary people pay the price and lose out on essential public services – Jim Clarken, Oxfam Ireland.


We value anybody who has been with us: Columbans

Missionary priests who left over celibacy tell their stories in television documentary which was directed by the wife of one of the 13 ex priests interviewed.


Jesuit to receive Freedom of Dublin in Hong Kong

102-year-old Fr Joseph Mallin SJ is the last surviving child of an executed leader of the 1916 Easter Rising.


Irish archbishop appointed Nuncio to Haiti

Priest of the diocese of Killaloe, Archbishop Eugene Nugent, has been serving as apostolic nuncio to Madagascar, the Commorros and Mauritius.


98-year-old priest links Columbans to founder

Fr Dan Fitzgerald, who will celebrate the 75th anniversary of his ordination in December, served six years in China with Bishop Edward Galvin.


Thirst for faith in China is strong: priest editor

Director of weekly catholic newspaper in Macau sees rising interest and fervour in religion.


Jesuit based in Hong Kong celebrates 100th birthday

Fr Joseph Mallin is the last surviving child of executed 1916 leader.

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