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Catholic Grandparents Association

Saying farewell to CatholicIreland News

“We chronicled green shoots growing up in the Church. Consistently we have looked at the good that we, Christians, the Church, are doing in Ireland and the world,” said CI News editor Susan Gately.


Vatican conference to focus on role of the elderly

“I see this conference as an endorsement of the key role the elderly play in our Church and in society today. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI recognised that critical role when he wrote a special Prayer for Grandparents in 2008” - Bishop Denis Nulty.


We need to challenge throwaway attitude towards the elderly, warns Bishop of Elphin

“A society that has no room for the elderly or discards them because they create problems has a deadly virus.”


Try to keep up with modern technology, says CGA founder

Grandparents need to communicate faith by combining life experience with the technology that is intrinsic to their grandchildren’s lives, according to Catherine Wiley.  


Grandparents support retention of Eighth Amendment

Grandparents understand the challenges that face their daughters and sons as parents, “because we have lived similar challenges in our own lives”.


Grandparents can play a key role in catechesis

Bishop Brendan Leahy urges grandparents to help their grandchildren in the faith at 2015 Catholic Grandparents Pilgrimage in Knock.


Real vocation of grandparent is to pass on the faith

"With my last breath, please God, I will be passing on the faith," says Catherine Wiley.


Call for worldwide celebration of Grandparents

A dedicated day for grandparents would recognise that “grandparents are the anchor in families - they are anchored by faith.”


Synod needs to recognise grandparents’ role: CGA

"We have got to do everything to counteract that ['euthanasia'] mentality" founder of Catholic Grandparents Association warns.


Pope Emeritus to attend Mass for the elderly

Catholic Grandparents Association founder, Catherine Wiley, to give a testimony highlighting the vocation of grandparents.


Faith role of grandparents celebrated

Catholic Grandparents Association promotes grandparents' contribution to family, Church and society on World Grandparents Day.


Catholic Grandparents Association founder meets Pope

Grandparents are the wisdom of a family, Pope Francis states.


Pope pays tribute to grandparents’ role in passing on faith

Catholic Grandparents Association launches new branch in the Philippines.

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