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SVP give considered response to Budget 2018: Not good enough

Will the small improvements in supports and services have a meaningful impact on families and children living in poverty? Unfortunately, the answer is NO


Budget 2018 will be a child poverty ‘litmus test’ for Varadkar

Having a long-term approach to investing in services will prove more beneficial in building a more sustainable equitable society for our children.


Bishop pleads on behalf of homeless & migrants

Ireland “cannot claim to be a progressive society if we choose to leave so many in poverty” - Bishop William Crean of Cloyne.


Poor children feel less understood by teachers

Rise Up research uncovers endemic societal inequalities that limit children from achieving their potential according to Barnardos.


NI instability erasing hope from lives: Church leaders

An “unacceptable level of child poverty” is affecting over 100,000 children, roughly 6% of Northern Ireland’s population and “constitutes a real crisis”.


Tax cuts will not deliver a fairer society SJI warns

Think tank urges Government to invest in social infrastructure and services which "will pave the way for a more sustainable and equitable future".


Future of UK’s largest St Patrick’s parade in doubt

Birmingham City Council plans to end funding for city’s annual St Patrick’s Festival from 2016.


Pell aims to get Vatican “off the gossip pages”

New initiatives for improving the economic management and administration of the Vatican announced.


SJI accuses Govt of protecting rich in budgets

Call for large corporations to pay at least 6% of their profits in corporation tax.


Homeless charities welcome cuts reversal

Dublin City Council moves to increase funding to frontline homeless services.


The poor suffered most in recession according to SJI

“We need progressive budgets to protect those on very low and middle incomes."


Public’s comments on austerity presented to Minister

Impact and harsh reality of austerity highlighted.


SVP outline budget proposals to Oireachtas Committee

SVP advocating for a living income in and out of work, reduced child poverty and better energy affordability.


New SVP campaign demands an end to austerity budgets

"Sneaky" changes to entitlements and delays in processing claims are adding to the burden of struggling families.

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