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St Oliver Plunkett is “a saint for the whole world”

Primate recalls “outstanding” example martyred Saint gave as the 350th anniversary of the appointment of Oliver Plunkett as Archbishop of Armagh is marked.


National Mass of thanksgiving for priests in Westminster

“The uncomfortable things we say need not be judgemental or harsh, but simply counter-cultural.”


Glenstal rings bells for feast day

The bells, named Benedict, Scholastica, Joseph and Columba, were decorated and ready to be blessed before Mass on Wednesday, St Benedict’s Day.


Millennial celebrations at Buckfast Abbey

Religious life under the Cistercian rule continues at Buckfast Abbey under the motto ora et labora or pray and labour.


Venerate St Oliver Plunkett by remembering that Christians are still persecuted

“It is shocking to think that in 2017 thousands of Christians are still being persecuted, displaced or expelled, tortured, discriminated and murdered simply because they are Christian,” says Eamon Martin.


True love for God leads to unity: Shia Imam

The problem is that people love God but in a way that is not right." Some have a "possessive love for God: 'That is my God, not your God': Dr Mohammed Ali Shomali.


Fundraising deadline looms for Silverstream priory

Ireland’s newest monastery - the Benedictine monks of Silverstream Priory in Co Meath - need €150,000.


Silverstream Benedictines celebrate ordination

Order was established in Co Meath in 2009 and is seeking funding to allow it to cater for new recruits.


“Alcohol is our national wound” Limerick bishop warns

Many families’ lives devastated by abuse of alcohol.


Creative brain losing out to demands of digital media

Safeguard an inner garden for inspiration urges Benedictine abbot.


Cardinal Brady thanks Germans for economic solidarity

St Oliver Plunkett honoured in Diocese of Hildesheim.

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