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Pilgrimage of hope and peace to Ulster and Irish war graves

“The pilgrimage will be a witness to hope and will enable us to forge even greater friendships and work yet harder for peace together in the future.”


Mutual respect for all traditions at Remembrance Service in Dublin

“I think John McCrea would be horrified to think that this symbol could become a symbol of division, or national identity, or even a fashion statement. It is quite simply a symbol of memorial, of the grim reality of the terrible loss of life.”


Largest-ever joint divestment from fossil fuels

The institutions are located on five continents, and represent fields ranging from a holy site, to finance, and church hierarchical bodies.Their decision to withdraw financial support for fossil fuels is based on both their shared value of environmental protection and the financial wisdom of preparing for a carbon-neutral economy.


Pope orders Belgian hospitals not to deliberately kill patients

One of the major problems with euthanasia legislation remains the arbitrary nature of the criteria used.


New Glenstal Abbot receives blessing

“Notice everything. Turn a blind eye to some things. Correct a little. Cherish the brethren” – new Abbot of Glenstal quotes St Bernard.


Kylemore Abbey and Notre Dame open new centre

Over one hundred senior academics and management from the Indiana-based college travelled to Connemara to take part in the ceremony.


Complexity and totality of Irish involvement in WWI recalled

Aim of Somme centenary pilgrimage is to instil “A sense of the futility of war and the importance of friendship, peace and understanding” - Primate.


Archbishops to lead Somme centenary pilgrimage

Pilgrimage commences with prayers at the Memorial Wall at Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin this morning and concludes at the Peace Park in Messines, Belgium.


Pope laments “blind & brutal” violence of terrorism

The Easter message speaks especially to those seeking to escape from persecution and poverty.


Ombudsman warns of normalisation of euthanasia

If euthanasia becomes normalised, people who may not appear to have quality of life may feel pressurised to end their lives - Emily O'Reilly.


Euthanasia in Belgium is out of control

According to one commentator, Belgium has "leaped head-first off a moral cliff".


Belgian deacon charged over 40 deaths

Church in Belgium shocked as psychiatrists assess deacon's mental condition.


Belgium moves closer to allowing euthanasia of children

“Neither a laudable pioneering move nor an act of humanity, but a sad declaration of bankruptcy.”

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