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Archbishop of Tuam

Please attend Mass today, says Archbishop of Tuam in homily for cancelled Reek Sunday

"We cannot and should not expect to return to where we had been prior to Covid-19," says Archbishop Michael Neary of Tuam.


Archbishops meet with An Taoiseach to discuss safe return to public worship

"The protection of life and the common good are guiding principles as we continue planning for safe and responsible return to Mass and sacraments," said Archbishop Eamon Martin.


Archbishop calls for consultation with the people of Achill

"It is important that effective advance planning be undertaken by the State including a full and transparent consultation with local people" on plans to house refugees at the Achill Head Hotel, Archbishop Michael Neary said.


A glorious Reek Sunday on Croagh Patrick

“There is a cooperative dimension and a willingness to make way for others who might be finding it more difficult.”


Church is divine presence in more pluralistic world – Archbishop Neary

Ordained ministers have a responsibility to “help people to lift their gaze beyond the pessimism of those who speak today of ‘new dark ages’ and enable them to discern a distant horizon of hope”.


Archbishop Neary preaches on interrelationship of Marian and Petrine principles

Church is endeavouring “to respond positively and constructively to genuine voices calling for a greater recognition of women and the feminine in the Church”.


Tuam archdiocese ready for adoration in parishes

Programme run by the Apostolate of Eucharistic Adoration's National Training Team is structured in such a way that it will not increase the workload of priests.


Society depends so much on the family: Archbishop

"By destabilising marriage we are rapidly eroding the social structure on which humanity depends" warns Dr Michael Neary of Tuam.


Archbishop pays tribute to “powerful communicator”

Dr Neary launches ‘Earthing the Word: Selected Writings from the Furrow’ by the late Fr Tommy Waldron.


Archbishop Neary highlights discipleship and mission

JPII awards aim to inspire young people to greater participation in their local Church.

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