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Unplanned is surprise hit at box office

Movie not booked in for classification with IFCO, indicating it may not go on general release in Irish cinemas.


US cut to Palestinian humanitarian support is “reckless” says Trócaire’s CEO

"This latest move is further evidence of the disregard the US administration has for the lives of vulnerable people." – Éamonn Meehan


Poll shows 91% of Irish Catholics oppose ban on artificial birth control

Large majorities of Catholics polled in five countries said they believed contraceptives are commonly used among Catholic couples.


Trump tells Catholic voters – I will fight for you

“I have a message for Catholics: I will be there for you,” says US presidential candidate, Donald Trump.


Plans underway to twin Kilkenny cathedrals

There are many people whose ancestors are from Kilkenny in Ireland buried in the graveyard of St Paul’s Cathedral in Kilkenny, Minnesota.


More Than 15,000 Active Permanent Deacons In U.S. Church

As average age increases, "we must take necessary steps to invite others to hear the Lord’s call to serve as deacons," says bishop.

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